Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Learn More About Photography

To distinguish between the lack of our ability, whether our passion for photography and our desire to be in the photo business is also reflected in the way in which we try, people to say what we do. Photography, for example customers, no matter what kind of equipment we use. They don't care how many mega-pixels we have, nor how much our equipment cost us, nor what brand of camera we use. Photography customers (current and potential) want to know what we can, and will, produce the highest quality of photography that works for you. You, the mechanic, thought our car that tell us which tools you use to repair. The chefs in the restaurants that we patronize and tell us what type of pots, pans or stoves that they use. In these companies there is still not the best way to know what the customers want, in order to give it to you. To do, to understand, in other words, in other companies, better the work of their " niche.' In order to start a photography to grow business successfully, we must be clear what niche we offer you, how you will sell the benefits of our niche to the customers. Another error to which we know that we budding photography business owners to specialize, you are not "going back" (our photography niche) in what we do. As a photography enthusiast, took pictures of everything and everyone. As a photographer it is a good thing. However, if we offer photography business, we are trying, mistakenly, that "all things to all people" - we take every photography job will take us. An obvious problem with this approach, our errors, so drastically, and experienced photographers, in the eyes of the customer. Reduce the value of what we do accidentally, we want our customers (current and potential), we can take pictures of what, after all, we photographers are very diverse! What customers really see that we're not "versatile photographers," we are just someone with a camera to take photos, when you call us. Serious photography customers (re: those who can afford to spend regularly) want to do business with specialists - photographers that know their photography niche. Successful wedding photographers are clear on this, as an example of what I mean. Their 'primary' customer (usually the bride) dreamed of the day of your wedding for most of your life. She is not looking for a vesatile photographer. She wants a "wedding photographer", they "look" good, happy and beautiful as them in all their life-long dream of your day-your wedding day is a special ability for this type of photography service In fact, this niche has more to do with highly developed skills in dealing with people,' in my opinion. Successful wedding photographers are clear on these nuances are more successful in the business.
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