Monday, September 29, 2014

Come with Camera Pentax K50 18-55mm

Don't want dying PENTAX to attend it newest camera typy ones DSLR that is Pentax K-50. The Camera that to be stocked with censor CMOS APS-C 16.3 megapixel , to be solided with performance prosesor PRIME.
With blend between censor CMOS APS-C 16.3 and prosesor PRIME make this camera can to result it picture with resolution that very high and Full HD quality 1920x1080p.
actually to out it Pentax K-50 as changer from camera previous that is Pentax K-30, and newest camera this pentax to be newsed more sophisticated to be compared with camera DSLR in its class. Like be knowing Pentax self is Japan company, Tokyo that always formerist in matter that good camera digital camera,dslr camera also the the other camera type.
This Camera type pentax dslr self enough in to interest by photographer's circle. But price this camera dslr pentax very expensive. So PENTAX that ever the name's sink will few get up with Camera Pentax K50 18-55 mm.
Even less with night atmosphere in ridges beautiful ones, so this camera very fit to year 2014.
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