Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Choose a DSLR camera Canon 700D or Nikon D5300

For novice photographers would be better off using a Canon EOS 700D . Nevertheless , there are features on both cameras are much the same with a more sophisticated camera / semi - pro , so it is good enough to be used in various scene conditions .
Canon D5300 does not have a low pass filter , so the images will look sharper and richer detail . But to optimize 24 MP , certainly needs a better quality lens . In image quality , the D5300 has a higher potential to the maximum 24 Megapixel image resolution than the 700D which has a resolution of 18 MP image .
Nikon D5300 is more compact a few millimeters and about 100 grams lighter . The new lens is Nikon 18-55 mm VR II also shorter in the off condition . This can be achieved because the plastic material of the camera thinner . Of shape and size , the two cameras are similar at first glance .
Another advantage of the Canon 700D is a complete direct access keys , thereby reducing the need to go into the menu to change the settings .
On the other hand , the Nikon D5300 has a secret weapon that may be important to you is Wifi and GPS . Nikon D5300 already have both of these functions embedded in the camera so you can easily send photos to your phone, or use the phone as a remote .
Please choose last . camera which depends on what is overlooked and should be viewed from a case by case basis . If I choose the Nikon D5300 because it has a collection of Nikon lenses to maximize the image quality of the D5300 and I rarely shoot video . If my wife Nanya , Iesan , most likely he will choose Canon 700D , because more than happy to record a video and get used to the touch screennya able to determine which area you want to change settings such as focus and operate the phone .
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