Saturday, March 24, 2012

Once again from the Nikon D800


Already bought it? or just read and want it .... Nikon has just released the 'monster' named new D800 only 2-week intervals after D4 is launched. This is a full frame camera that cost figure was pegged at USD 3,000 or about USD 27 million (body only).

Given the further specification, the following seven things that should be highlighted from the Nikon D800:

a. Censorship
It has a full frame sensor is very large with a resolution that is also very strong which is 36.3 million pixels. This is a full-frame sensor with high resolution in the world. Nikon promises that he has a sensor capable of producing images with low noise and wide dynamic range.

b. File Size
Of the number of pixels, the resulting file size will be huge. Dikatakna by Nikon that for RAW file size 76 MB it has a 16bit TIFF sedag to get the file size of 212.1 MB.

c. Sensitivity
In addition to having the number of pixels that were 3 times more than the D700, Nikon claims that the noise generated is almost equal. Sensitivity ranging from ISO 100-6400 in standard mode. He can be lowered to 50 and increased up to 25 600.

d. Autofocus system
This tool provided with the same autofocus system with his brother, the 51-point autofocus D4. AF and AF-area mode selection also possible without having to move the view of the viewfinder.

e. Ful HD video
D800 video capabilities like D4, with a frame rate of 30, 24 and 25p to 1080p and 50p and 60p to 720p. It also has HDMI output and Clean offers 2 different crop.

f. Ergonomic
D800 has a different body sizes and the D700. But he apparently has a weight that is 10% lighter than its predecessor. Was to layout the buttons claimed memmiki arrangements make it easier for users.

G. D800E
Nikon also released edition of the 'E' coincided with the release of D800. To bring this D800E, consumers have to spend money in excess of USD 634 or about USD 5 million. This series promises a better picture detail but with a risk of moire.
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