Saturday, March 24, 2012

Great .. The future of the Nikon D800

Major players in the world of photography Nikon D800 has released its new product. Want to know the price? hehehe that is USD 3,000. Figures are expensive but not as good for this camera.

Armed with a full frame 36.3 MP sensor, do not be surprised if he is often referred to as the cameras 'monster'. When compared to the D700, this camera is experiencing spesififikasi leap high enough in some aspects.

In addition to the resolution, where the previous series has a 12.1 MP, Nikon also increase autofocus system. Reported by the Nikon D800 is equipped with a 51-point autofocus system.

Curious as to what the quality of the Beast? Immediately have the latest version and practice. Surely you will feel lighter and success with this camera.

As can be seen, the D800 can still produce a clear picture even taken in low light conditions. In addition to having the number of pixels that were 3 times more than the D700, things that should be highlighted from this camera is that it has an ergonomic design, 10% lighter than its predecessor.
Please try and good luck ......
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