Friday, November 25, 2011

Whether the artist is art photography? (when pictures of Jennifer Lopez)

If you look at the concert singer Jennifer Lopez, I am very excited to shoot with the camera. I've tried to front so that the results of my pictures clear and pleasant. Finally I managed to take Jennifer Lopez pictures in good condition.
The results of my pictures is an art, made with difficulty. Class artist singer Jennifer Lopez is very nice and good if we can use our camera. But it also means artistic photography?

It is very common, the "art photography" term "Photo Art", with reference to the work of renowned photographer who has created a personal style to find a file photo. Popular and attractive, but what makes a simple image into a work of art? There are many discussions on this subject, and the "artistic photography" term "artistic photography" has many definitions, but still well-defined and difficult to classify.

Authors generally want to describe their work as "art" and there is no doubt that some of the work of photographers such as Tim Flach really beautiful, creative and fun. But it is considered a work of art, the brain and the eyes to stimulate the target group - a piece to stimulate thinking and to generate further discussion and opinions from time to time. Many beautiful images hanging on the wall now, unfortunately, of no interest to viewers over two years. While the actual art is included in the coming years.

One could argue that the photographer can view detailed images of flowers, for example, a traditional artist can paint the flower they are described in detail. But what it does for photographers and artists are painting with other media not in the depth, sensitivity and consistency of the image to. Compare the work of an artist with photographer Joe bunce Mary Gaines. And "understanding of reality that makes the picture painted a picture far more interesting.

So also with the results of my pictures when I saw Jennifer Lopez on stage. With some difficulty, began to collect Jennifer Lopez took office with photography. Has a great quote says, true words, because there are so many great artists, photography as a medium of your choice are "There, artists, art alone.." It would be very difficult for people, the properties of the landscape and the work of Ansel Adams, the world of nature, nudity still alive, Edward Weston, abstract shapes and textures of Brett Weston's claim, Paul beach is not the art of composition.

Produced due to the wind and the highest quality of work through the other pioneers of American photography, the American public of the art circle of people no longer deny that photography is an art form and expressive value. Oddly enough, Europe must not difficult to accept photography as an art. The work of Henri Cartier-Latrigue Bresse, Versailles, and others are getting the highest award.

Ease of modern photography, which led to the very poor photographic work, she moved to an art form. "Automatic camera also give sufficient weight to the claim that the camera does not work, the artist who has a reputation. No wonder that many retailers are reluctant to give hanging space images. It is pointed out that the camera can not a good photographer is not a good pianist, piano or brush makes a good painter. An artist is an artist, regardless of medium.

Remember, as with all existing works that blur the boundaries between categories, and perhaps most important lesson, when you consider what you can and can not be classified as "art" is open. Be open and willing to change your mind to unexpected discoveries, such as beef cooperation Harrison, paint where the original photographic prints, painted with acrylic and tempera to create interesting images sometimes disturbing cause, can that photography alone can not be done.

Of course, image processing software used, such as Photoshop to create different effects that can be achieved only with a camera, but when working visit lightning Harrison physical structure of the color does not even copy with editing software and advanced features that their work differs of other jobs that can be created on the computer.

Thus, the images can be classified as art, the definition of "art photography" is a work of art that began as an image easily, but improved in one way or another (whether computer or by hand) caught by something more than just a funny moment the eye no matter how good or how it may interfere. And "work of entertainment, fun or annoying, but who thought most any discussion or stimulate and embed it in a message to the viewer by the artist.
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