Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wedding photographers: a simple job?

I had never experience a sudden, a photographer? I tried it yesterday, while visiting a friend's wedding. During this time, the original photographer not to come because of an accident on the road. So I wanted to change the photographer. I take the camera with my experience as a photographer for my friend's wedding. And the result is good and interesting. So I started another job as a photographer.

Wedding photography is a hobby! Many people are looking at the wedding photographer who works once a week to do what they want, and paid a lot of money. It could not be further from the truth.

The average wedding photography provides 10 hours, 20 hours after the marriage of imaging and 5 hours of design of the album. This agreement does not include time with a partner, and spent the time on the marketing budget.

Average day of the wedding photographer will begin at 6:00 and ends at midnight. Eat when you get a chance - usually on the road between the villages. It takes more than 500 pictures from different angles. They are high on your toes, Crouch bottom of your squat. You can lie on the floor.

They think ahead and try to predict will happen, and what emotional reactions.
The wedding season is a weekly working time of 7 days. Chance to take over the holiday season spring / summer / autumn.

I was lucky enough to advertise so I rarely need not to my wedding photography wedding spruik last week. And that's exactly how I like it. I like this approach, I try to stretch and grow as a photographer for the wedding. I like it, it's a passion, because it is more of a business.

So I say here that a photographer be, I think they are easy and fun. You will be paid with the stamina to be a photographer. Be a good photographer and reliable. Both work for you.
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