Thursday, November 10, 2011

UFO - UFOs are real?

Questions often arise when more than if it show up somewhere on UFO news.
(News: An unidentified flying object that can not be identified (UFO) for Sunday evening October 23, 2011, the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, USA, as reported in the Daily Mail, Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 , UFOs are reported. beholder a football game watching from the New Orleans Saints Indianapolis Colts face the visitors. UFOs fly at very high speed from heaven to earth than a cathedral, which has three towers.).
We all find ourselves looking at the night sky, you see the stars innumerable questions Are we alone in the universe is expanding. We see the light, which seemed strange in the sky look carefully before we understand that there is only one level. Well, maybe that's just me, but unanswered questions about our existence in the universe since the beginning of history there.

Since 1940, when events like the Battle of Los Angeles and the Roswell UFO incident shocked the world, there were stories about people they had seen UFOs on demand. A picture of a flying saucer (most cons) began publishing in the coming years. UFOs are Uprise stable since the beginning of this century. UFO video were also the net after the invention of the Internet. UFOs visiting Earth from another planet or the universe, or just people stuck in an endless enthusiasm UFO?

UFO's are used for hundreds or thousands of years. Some even claim that there is evidence for contact with extraterrestrial life at crucial points in history. The only difference is that the increase in UFO sightings over the years, improved communication, almost everyone associates on the ground. We get the news before the paper. We see an amazing film before the newscast. So what is there to prevent people to share video images from any suspected UFOs and they could stop? Each screen.

Unfortunately, technology has advanced over the years, too many people are used to more wrong. Video editing and photo business has up to the point where most ordinary people can not distinguish between reality and fiction has progressed. Skeptics UFO hoax will be used to their faith are extraterrestrials and UFOs do not fuel it. Bad news for skeptics is to create a video that is wrong or not doing something that no longer exists, if it does not create. It only serves to confuse people to divert a real UFO problem at hand.

Most people believe that we are not alone in our universe. Most scientists agree that it is highly unlikely that we are alone. The only question is whether extraterrestrial life will be advanced enough for long distances or even necessary here that are interested. At first the idea seemed too far away .. In addition, computer or other times when you really start thinking about a leap in technology that have taken place in our lives understand the opportunities given back several centuries. It is possible that a foreign culture, there can be several hundred years older than us? May grew fast or faster than humans? Yes it is really so much? After all, what is your great-grandfather would say if anyone around the world are associated with "thinking" visible wires magic? This world is on the field to control almost every aspect of life from. What could anyone say hundreds of miles and see what they were wearing at the time. He might think you're crazy. Imagine, what else to say.

My point is to think of itself as the only example of life in our universe, that the UFO was an impossibility to sell is very short and really makes no sense and good logic. To continue searching. Keep your camera handy, and maybe one day you will stick to anything, one can be solved once and for all.
Flying shrapnel from this scenario is commonplace. Some parties believe that there is life after that the existence of life on Earth
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