Friday, November 18, 2011

Tricks to a perfect result (Set the camera when closed), and another trick with the author's experience

Photographing inside can be very difficult even for experienced photographers for a variety of factors, including, without enough light, not enough windows, and the results from the use of natural light, which completely changed the look of the picture. Anyway, here are some tips you can use:

Observe the light that has been available. The light from the side can be a great artistic effect, but with a flash can help you create the control in the shade. And the light coming from behind can cause the formation of light around this topic can also be smoothed by a camera flash.

Use the sun as possible. This is the strongest light, you can use. But it would be a good idea to use a tripod, because it slows down the shutter button to delete the picture.

Tripod can be your best friend. When the shutter speed is slower, because the camera inside, blurred image. Using a tripod will eliminate the problem. In addition, short-timer setting is a good way to avoid camera shake when the shutter button is pressed.

You have the camera and the light coming from outside flash to dark themes that avoid too far away from the camera can not reach the flash.

Remember to change the camera settings to prevent the "red eye" is terrible. If for some reason not possible, it would be nice if you help all the lights in the area, the flow took pictures of a person's eyes flash.

In addition. If you are shooting in

The more results will be on the condition of the premises used for the filming expected to see.
To note are:

1 - Select the camera aperture priority (AV) Status
This mode works with the amount of light in the room. With a wide opening, you can get the most from the limited amount of light available. Depth of focus background effects. Hold the camera in manual mode. Foundation of the exposure settings each time when you flash studio.

2 - ISO settings
Multi-zone, because you get the correct exposure. But immigration ISO setting multiple stops. This increases the shutter speed and the distance from camera shake. High ISO settings also ensures sharp images, with regard to a small amount of light. Involved in image stabilization. You can use a tripod.

3 - Do not set multi-point AF
And also set the camera to the ground. Otherwise you can use selective focus. If not, the camera-to-multi-point AF focus is adjusted to the desired concentration of the model. To focus the eyes of your model, a central point AF on the eyes. Press so the shutter button halfway to lock focus. Finally, assign the score.

4 - White Balance
The white balance can be adjusted in Photoshop, when shooting RAW. Note that it is always best to try to get pictures directly on the camera! What is normal to see a mix of light and color, is not funny when you shoot once inside.

Here is how you can overcome this situation! Have a place to read white paper. White sheet of paper that are placed on the model's face. Turn the lights in rooms not in use. Also be sure you set the camera white balance against temperature.

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