Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tilt-shift effect "miniature"

On the way home from work, I found a fantastic spectacle. Where large display objects in front of my car to me the desire to capture a photo. Free to a very good front and I took the picture from different angles.

Aerial photographs of people, cars, trucks or other vehicles such as small sculptures. It may seem a little diorama scenes, but only real pictures with a tilt-shift lens that allows you to display the image can be tilted changes taken with the sensor or the lens to produce a film depth of field. Effect is magnified by a lens with a very large hole (for example, the number low-f/stop), it puts a sharp focus on objects, while others are blurred. Sideways glance creates the illusion that you look at the miniature model of the scene. The display can also be produced using software that simulates the effect of the tilt-shift lens.

This trick can be performed with clear and precise control.
Tilt-shift lens, the lens also known as optical control that allows the physical axis of the glass elements in front of the image sensor or film SLR camera change. If you are planning a miniature effect you focus the lens tilt control, and did not move. Slope is measured in degrees, to be adjusted by turning the knobs on the sides of the lens. Bias against the glass-effect sensor or film, the photographer, the only point of contact go in the drawing control. And for the opening of the lens focal plane is very narrow depth of field, or is only a small part of the image sharp, and the rest will dramatically blur.

These "mini version" of the machine, or the people in the pictures that they continue to focus on in the background, such as buildings or landscapes, obscured. It also increases the effect when you shoot into the topic, like a mountain or a plane. Thumbnails can not copy software or through Web sites like, but not intrusive, as if made with tilt-shift lens, in fact. Please note, however, is slow-management perspective does not come cheap.

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