Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Synchronization to light paths

You do not need to shoot with a camera. How it works .. ? Been fulfilled? In reality, what we see in the image of the object moved. Show motion movie with Flash technology called a rear or second curtain. (This effect is sometimes slow to sync.) Standard flash, flash automatically when the screen opens and closes the shutter to freeze at the start of exposure. Turn into the subject, but a darker black background information. Manual settings (back) on most DSLRs then fired two waves: one is at the beginning of the exposition closed after the first curtain and another at the right end by the end of the second screen. Since there is no time between two waves, the subject in the second half will be suspended while the details of the motion blur in the background, you should pursue.

The effect is usually to be found under the settings of the flash and camera control set only when the flash is connected to the camera. If you use the curtain, you want a slow shutter speed to the effect we recommend at least a fifth of a second or slower to establish. (The cameras are the standard and the first shutter curtain default if it 1 / 60 or more.) We have this technique is very effective when shooting with flash or move dancers and musicians a big issue, for example, a dark room with interesting Background information, including several types of back lighting. Although the results of the second shutter curtain is not easy to predict, you can get some more clothes, if the leader is working properly, can be a surprising sight.
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