Thursday, November 24, 2011

The successful implementation photography tricks (Karina Smirnoff as an example of the artist)

When we fed mengabil overall picture, it is wrong when we tried to take pictures of naked women. Nudity is an art form dates back to ancient Greece. Painting and sculpture were created to represent various gods and goddesses of the time to serve as a reminder of all time. Talented sculptors and artists are responsible for the graphic. So, as we can is a modern equivalent of nudity in art? And our professional role as the world of photography.

There is no doubt that photography as a visual art. Like other kinds of art, intuition and imagination, which means no restrictions on recording if you are creative need.

But many photos that are not considered art, because people do not agree. And unfortunately, it also happens with body. art around "a very long time. Paintings and sculptures of ancient Greece and Rome, which is important to show has been seen.

There are many ways to the nude. Maybe you want to capture the whole body or parts of it, and they have different roles in the scenes. And because people have different settings and different views, not suitable for image classification, which have as pornographic or not.

Normally a great kit with the camera, the person was photographed, the picture is taken. Many photographers choose a destination in the digital SLR camera for several important reasons. You can see the image on the screen. And delete everything that is not considered good quality and keep all the pictures you want to go, depending on the size of the memory card. These images can easily be exchanged and processed on a computer.

Person photographed must be relaxed and feel comfortable with nudity. The location should not be a problem, because each scene would be ideal with good natural light to bring their skin color, without any changes. Nude photography is the visual impact of today's photographers around the world have become increasingly popular for their creativity in creating a perfect blend of sensuous artistic essence. Just make sure they are creative enough and have the option of the camera before she poses naked man to handle.

Photography is a visual art and photography employs around when the camera was invented n4k3d. N0d3 photography may be the body or full board. Exact location can set the mood with a series of poses. Currently, we can use the advantages that digital photography brings us. But not every camera. There are three characteristics of the stock makes the perfect picture naked, and that the model of camera and location.


Has a long list of advantages, why is the digital photography better than film cameras, and why all photographers use today. It is otherwise n0d3. Many choose to professionals, amateurs who are willing to accept a digital SLR camera (or cameras) are. Images before the shutter down through the built-in LCD screen. The final image after the shutter is down through the built-in LCD screen, so the photographer choose to save or delete the picture. Memory sticks are used instead of the film - that's the main difference is the memory stick can be used again, which means time to upload photos to a computer, memory stick will be cleaned and ready for use. Images can be modified by the camera or software for a variety of effects, including a black and white or sepia.


He is a good man or who choose to pose for n0d3 photos and had someone you really trust with all cameras on the screen. This person should not be a girl or a boy Glamour magazine, but depending on how the photographer wants to describe the art. Photographers often shoot their models before they were n4k3d.

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