Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Photos with long exposures

When we talk about photography, which is reflected in our image has a meaning to talk tersendiri.Long exposure photography is exactly what its name says: to increase the amount of time to reveal the camera's image sensor or film to light. Photos with long exposures, most commonly occurs when shooting at night in order to increase the brightness of the scene. Authors found that long exposure shots can also striking, artistic look with a certain issue, especially moving lights in the night, Spinning Carnival Ride, the vehicle on the street, fireworks. This coup led to the blinding light that shows the path of motion in the picture. Long exposure images are also effective in creating the illusion of movement in water, such as in the rapids of a river or waterfall. (Locked In contrast, fast-action triggers, so they often used to shooting.) And when used in fog or mist will create long exposures can create a mysterious atmosphere, fantastic.

But everything needs with multimedia tools, so that the image is the most important thing to remember bagus.Yang stable when you create a long exposure image is to use a tripod. We do not care how stable the hand, or what kind of camera and lens image stabilization, you need a tripod to reduce blur, camera shake to long exposure shot. Then select the object of the right to make an interesting record. Ideal candidates are night lights, running water or mist. Duration of exposure up to you and set up the camera with manual controls. The camera allows you to select the shutter speed, we offer you a few seconds, then automatically fire the trigger for you. In manual control, there is also an option called pear (or "B") that the shutter open as long as you want to keep. Do you want to use the remote to want to control the shutter speed, the physical contact bounce will add to the picture.
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