Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New tricks filming a large number of "click" (computational photography)

A picture of: If you used to do a picture with the camera to take. But there is much more, by multiple images and combines them with a shot to do ideally. It's called High Dynamic Range and photographers have been using it for years. Now researchers at Stanford University, the HDR-technology and multi-shot compact cameras and camera phones work with the Camera application.
Researcher Marc Levoy and his team built "camera Frank" as a platform for experimenting with photography tricks different machines, known as computer photography. Here's how it works (by Tim Levoy) ...

Custom software developed camera HDR Images Frank can automatically multiple exposures vary shots a couple of shots to create HDR panoramas, and get the chance to isolate sharpen images in low light imaging. These features have been ported for Nokia N900, shows that a small camera that can offer the same special effects.

Staff Levoy uses a version of "F2" Frank Camera, a developer version of F3, which combines professional SLR sensors. They use the device to see what you run with multiple exposures. In one example, describes the projects Levoy students to work independently as well as Flash, to get thrown to the optimum exposure of playing cards in the air. When you are finished, Frank-F3 camera are available for purchase, but maybe a very high price, which is intended for researchers.
In-camera HDR, HDR, and even the phone is not necessarily new ideas. Canon is on HDR camera systems that provides for a current patent applications and App Store iPhone application called HDR Pro, which combines two shots one-shot HDR. This is a platform for specific applications, but is still very limited. The team hopes HDR Levoy, Lucky Imaging camera phones and other computational trick photo appeared finally to the whole world to see.
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