Thursday, November 3, 2011

Michael Jackson - King of Pop will (November 2011 this month ....)

The death of the legendary Michael Jackson is still a mystery to his fans, but inevitably the 25th sudden death of Michael Jackson June 2009, apparently because of an overdose of sedative analgesic, has shocked the world.

After his death the King of Pop has many mysteries in life remain. One of those who board a piece of fingerprints, palm concrete foundation Jacko signatures gave the Riviera Hotel. The character is not so long ago, written in 2006. This form of concrete blocks with a weight of 170 kg was called "the broken stone heart". This is was on the left palm of MJ a heart-shaped cracks. As reported on AceShowbiz.

Until next month, is a remnant of this program, Nate D. Sanders, Los Angeles - where a special auction of valuable objects. Tender is also online. Gravel heart Auction "view" has sold more than 100,000 €, or about Rp903 million.

What is the truth about Michael Jackson? In contrast to the "talent" Many are now shows like American Idol, the natural talent of Michael Jackson. Even at the age of seven, knew that his father, Joe, to see something there and they began to use early.

The truth is, and something can be learned or taught, and talent of Michael definitely in that category. Along with the ability to sing, dance and play with people's experience over many years to be the young Michael Jackson a star when he wants it or not. Of course he loves to do, but it is also clear that he does not like to connect with people, as he left the stage.

Few are in the inner circle, which allows most of the stars that have similar characteristics with the rise of a small star. Celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Brooke Shields, Macaulay Culkin, Emmanuel Lewis, and a few others who have similar backgrounds have taken to the world of Michael Jackson from the hospital.
I mean, if they are all part of the star fraternity girls who are forced to grow up fast and then lose their chance to have children at all.

With Michael, it seems that his artistic skills with social competence, conflict and struggle for two years rather short life. People can testify that, if it is to do at the time, Michael became a different person. Check out some videos and you will see that evidence, the expression on his face, the desire to impress the flash, with a view of the stage, while they interviewed, it was a little shy "and introverted.

In an interview several years ago, Michael Jackson, that his childhood was not very happy. Pressure from his father, who set includes both verbal and physical, that's just the beginning. Later, when it became the center of the Jackson 5, Michael felt put under pressure to take the family on their eternal race for success. It was clear that the bread winner of the family to leave him to get it myself with success in the future. Imagine if he had a family and the whole world expects from himself, from time to time.

There are indications that Michael Jackson is the daily chart to see how he achieves record sales and how they are graphic. First came the wall, tension and even then, bad, and later with an album Michael decided to do it yourself, a feat that has proven impossible.

Millions of fans around the world mourn the loss of exceptional talent. How sad is that we as people forget what we are until it is no longer around, but I think that's what makes us human, after all. But instead of dealing with the media about how he is a different behavior, odd habits, why not enjoy the genius of art? Finally, I am sure, if we look deep within ourselves, we all have our habits, secret, deep, dark. Michael is a genius when it comes to design capacity, and there is no speculation or weaken the character, now he's gone I'll never do that. In fact, over time, the only thing that should be on this guy, is his music. And all this is Michael Jackson still wants: a gift to share with the world.
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