Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Infrared Photography

You can an infrared camera? It describes "a little on the theory that infrared photography is often used.
Infrared photography, digital sensors, different or special infrared film used to photograph a different world in black and white or in color. By a specific sensor or film sensitive to infrared light spectrum, images taken wrong or strange color effects black and white. Photo black and white infra-red, black and white ghost trees threatening sky. Red color photography take an even more dramatic screen with cast-green leaves of autumn blue sky orange colored rose bush. Seems surreal, very popular in 1960, specifically to cover the psychedelic rock band. Today, photographers, landscape art of love, mind-bending effect.

Although on infrared film, you can still find some shops and online sites interrupted slow that it is expensive to produce government has little (if any). The same is true for sensitive digital cameras with infrared sensors. The only company to mass produce a new infrared camera, Fujifilm, the model of all-in-one, FinePix IS Pro, in 2007. But the camera has been exposed recently. A few years ago, Fuji has released Chi also produces infrared digital SLR, but it sold only a small number, especially for law enforcement agencies that use it to photograph the evidence. There are also several Web services that convert your camera for infrared or tools to make do it yourself. If you get your hands on an infrared camera and infrared film is the best material for pictures of trees, leaves, like the best work reflect the infrared light ...
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