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The first goal, your image (how to maximize my lens)

I never thought about the camera .. Which will further improve with various lenses. What we need is our camera.
What are the advantages of our cameras .... Type - the - we understand the state of our camera.

With a zoom lens, you can switch back and forth between wide-angle to telephoto view depending on the situation. Even if you are away from your subject, you can still get close-ups.

Zoom lens offers a good flexibility to deal with what you go a lens, producing a wide range of focal lengths is consistent. If you have only one goal, I'm not sure if we have a wide angle or telephoto lens might need to make 2 or 3 lenses all the time.

About the camera lens.
Kamera.Tidak photographer to understand that the lens of the camera, all kinds of shooting situations, can also make for the lens of the camera goes. Each camera has its own characteristics and elements with different advantages and disadvantages in comparison to others. By more about how the lens of the camera to distinguish from each other, we know how to play well with the camera lens circumstances and needs.

It should be noted that all SLR / DSLR cameras have interchangeable lenses. Changing the lens easy to distinguish from the mountains, and the camera. The mainstay bayonet camera is in use. To convert a bayonet of the lens, press the right hand sides next to the lens, so just change it 45 degrees clockwise to other destinations, you just place the lens on the markings on the camera body and lens and turn 45 degrees counter-clockwise.

The possibility Lenses SLR / DSLR change is one of the main reasons for the widespread use of photo creativity than other cameras. So a camera with standard lens can not afford to use the camera to the fullest. In general, most photographers get to keep or get two lenses in the category of wide-angle telephoto.

This rule lets the photographer capture the subject of advantages that far. And more importantly, is an extraordinary portrait lens. Wide angle lenses tend to get a picture of a person's face, you look around, because the focal length, telephoto lens, shooting took a picture with a focal length of 100 meters, could appear to an image even more comfortable. The photographer must be wide enough to tend to the person who is relaxed film the end result looks to be more natural. In addition, telephoto lens tends to the background of the pictures were blurred. Even when used in portrait photography, it brings more of the photographed subject, his / her eyes, face, etc., which will greatly increase your photographs.

Between wide-angle telephoto lenses, many photographers zoom preferences, it is very convenient. Zoom lens, in his name that they give the photographer the luxury of the focal length of the lens to bring together easily, without the wide-angle telephoto. Of course, the flip side of the zoom lenses that are not able to deliver a level of quality so that the most important goal. Although the technology for the lens of the camera in this time, it takes attention to detail really see the difference.

So why make anyone worry about the first lens?
1.  Prime lenses are more clearly - because they have few moving parts, can have as zoom and prime lenses to be very accurate. Many professional photographers. Use only the first lens for excellent image quality.
2. Prime lenses are cheaper -. Zoom is quite complicated, while it fixed focal length since the introduction of the 35mm SLR Producers were long to get this lens is perfect, their simplicity means that you do not pay a fortune for one.
3. Prime lenses are lighter - if you really want to take your SLR camera height, so that you do not want the lens of the camera is connected to three pounds. Even if you do not have the flexibility that it offers a zoom lens, you do not get neck strain with 50mm lens at the first traffic light.

          Now you know more about fixed focal lengths, and why photographers want to use one instead of zoom. But what is the overarching goal to improve your photos? Remember, as I do that a flexible zoom lens that? Well, there is a disadvantage of using a zoom lens all the time: a photographer makes lazy.
You can stand or sit in the same zoom and can be. Not satisfied with the appearance of a wide angle? From wide-angle zoom? Zoom out.
With the primary goal is to physically move your body when you change your perspective.
Now make no mistake - when I say, the zoom lens gives you a lazy photographer, I'm not talking about the amount of exercise you get when you get the picture.

           What I mean is that if you have an SLR camera, the main goal must be to really think about your vehicle. You can not zoom in and zoom out on a whim, really makes you concentrate on the elements of the picture too. If you do not like what you see, the physical act of moving body are connected more to do with the environment and the image you are trying.
               While this is how a lot of stupid things spiritual may seem, it is true. Seeing is believing. Stick to the main camera lens reflex camera (borrowed from a friend, if you must) and leave it there for a week. Even if you tried to zoom back in you, no. Use the priority for a week and see if you think it more about what makes you get your photos.
So think about their composition is very necessary for the task you are taking. Greetings ....
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