Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Creative with tattoo photos using adobe photoshop

Here we will continue to use Photoshop, which makes the picture even more interesting to play with decorative tattoos. This letter had nothing to say Adobe Photoshop is a powerful weapon for a photographer to take pictures more interesting work, the value of sales. Adobe Photoshop is a versatile image editing software.
To use the majority of companies in the developed countries to Photoshop for their design. Adobe Photoshop has four main components of the workspace in Photoshop. This article is a menu bar, status bar, tool panels. The best exercises to do, the menus and sub menus in detail in a better understanding of learning applied to any image. The menu bar contains nine menus File, Edit, Select image layer, filter, view, help window, which includes a submenu.

                       Every person who brings the camera in hand to capture every moment of life always tries to take the picture, and it can be a perfect reminder of the past. We all know that takes a rare perfect picture, but Adobe Photoshop image-editing software tools make it the perfect pass every time after taking a picture. Other articles of the polishing of the Clone Stamp and history brush, and more importantly, among other things, such as Blur, Sharpen, Blur, Dodge, Burn, and Sponge.

                      Get all the items on the main menu (File - Edit - image - Layer - etc), what their functions can be executed. You will also learn to understand all of the toolbar item, what it represents labor. Real choice, tone and color correction of images with layers practices, add text and images, painting, polishing and processing of images, apply filters, use Photoshop for web graphics styles of leadership issues in the initial price. After completing this course, you can correct underexposed images, black / white picture with the Dodge and burn tools, lack of appropriate color balance, sharpness and white balance changes, including basic accessories. This is the foundation of our learning Photoshop. And yet a lot of menus and commands the other.

                    Adobe Photoshop is the best known is a software package offered by Adobe. As a photographer I have often said that she had to learn Adobe Photoshop. Ditulisan when I try to crop the image so that the manipulation of image we can for this purpose do bertatto design.

                   Who wants a tattoo on the image in Photoshop and uncovered guarantees for a while, so they do not go sick and not to tattoo mentatoo producers that you do with Photoshop much easier and more fun ...

- Once you open the two images in Adobe Photoshop

- Merge two images (draw a picture of the tattoo pictures of the baby) to use the Move tool. Remember to  use overlay mode.

- With the selection tool in the hand
- After you make with your other hand on the dial to other areas of the child's hand
Then a tattoo layer and then passed to the Delete key on your keyboard. The result. Clean the area - the white area that is still connected to the artist's hand, with Magic Eraser
These are just examples. You can continue to be creative with your photos. Test, and I hope this tutorial useful.
regard ......
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