Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cleaning the Camera Lens (needs to be done by me)

    We often forget that the air is dirty around us, all the goods are dusty, needs to be cleaned. Then the lens of the camera that we use, not only saved. So we spend more and then saved again. It was after some time we have to use it cleanly. Camera lens is very important and you need the lens careful not as clean as at the end leave dirty. You will find that you are looking for soft contact lenses, just watch if you want to be dirty. There are several ways to avoid this damage to your target, the way to ruin or damage the camera.
    But do not clean too often, especially if you use a liquid detergent. Liquid can, if used too much damage the coating on the lens. In his most stains fingerprints, drugs, clean, dry microfiber cloth enough to clean the lens most of the time, save the liquid detergent persistent problems.
Can spot dust on the lens, there are problems with image quality, such as dirt-window damage outside of your house. Clean the lens requires some special considerations, to ensure that no damage to the glass. These tips will help you clean your lenses properly.
First you must remove the dust and the dust on the lens. These soft brush away with the brush tool. You want to create or delete brush too hard, claiming that the material can cause more damage to scratch the lens. Despite the fact that you do not see it, microscopic cause small pieces of stone from small scratches that can not be repaired. The moral of the story? Watch out.
    The first thing to do is to remove dust and dirt on the lens. Use a brush for it. This special brush, the brush thickness artists, often with a gun with rubber tip. Brush, press the lens, while the rubber feet. This step small particles of dust that had gathered. Not too much pressure that can be hard particles may scratch the lens. It would be much worse than dirt itself. The point is to be cautious.
In most cases, it is all you need to do what you are. Stop the cleaning process when you set the camera for additional risk. You do not want to put the camera in danger of further injury. But there are also oils, which is based on a camera lens that requires more than brushing your teeth to remove. Use it to clean, soft, rich fabrics. There are also special cleaning cloth photo retailer. They come in different amounts. If you use the right texture, be sure to wash them between uses. It takes only a "scratch a little leftover dirt particles permanently the lens.
    There are two types of liquid detergent to clean the lens. If a movie is on the camera's lens soluble in water, use distilled water in your local grocery store. The second type is with you when you read these lines. And "the breath. Use the hot breath on the lens to create a flute type of moisture. The point is that the liquid must be free of water of harmful minerals. If you use distilled water, a small amount of polishing cloth. 'll never directly pour into the camera or lens. Water can easily permanently penetrate damage the camera. always on the side of caution. it is better to repeat the cleaning process, too little moisture, rather than too much water on the lens.
    Perhaps there is oil, which require more aggressive cleaning. For this kind of dirt you have used alcohol. Make sure you are 100% pure alcohol. Something with additives can damage the lens. Do not use things such as thinner or toxic liquids. This is because, close to the camera at your face. Dealers also sell a special camera Cleaning the camera. It's good for a goal-based oil is saturated with movies. Follow the same procedure with other liquids.
All your old film cameras camera Browning was a child, for single-lens reflex viewfinder and SLR digital cameras big goal in this phase. They all need cleaning at some point. To stress the importance of using caution when it comes to cleaning the camera. The sophisticated equipment is an expensive investment. Irreparable damage is much worse than a small amount of dirt on your goal. With the proper attention that the camera would be the last, and always will be ready for this moment.
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