Saturday, November 19, 2011

Children learn our film camera

I never thought that we go to the photographer to photograph our children ??... Why not a camera, images can We have to pay money to get a picture of our children. So to emphasize in this document that we can have a camera. Using the camera, so can our children.

History of Camera

Start the old camera, the images on paper or glass can project, but the study of the collection, processing and printing has many more years. Until the 17th Century, scientists believed that light is largely from the "white" perceived by the human eye. You have done by famous physicist Isaac Newton discovered research that is actually light from the color spectrum. While a substantial contribution to the study of optics (in the center of the development of the camera) with this discovery, Newton did not really relate to the development of the camera itself.

The first early camera has become a phenomenon is a little more pinhole camera and can take up to 1558 it was called a camera obscura can be traced. Camera Obscura perceived as a paint things clearer and more realistic. It was in 19 Century that an invention of the camera lucida of Cambridge scientist William Hyde Wollaston was introduced, including optical device can help artists see the distant scene or person or object on the surface of the paper that he or she used to paint. In other words, to get the artist to the image on the top of the design on paper, the image can be effectively used to try to draw, trace or paint it to look. You Obscura Camera Lucida a temporary image.

Development of digital camera technology is considered to be the relative development of television and video technology. Principles of transmission and recording of audio-visual images using digital electrical impulses and applied imaging cameras.

Thus are the camera a lot more progress than the year 1990, the attention now turns to the digital image processing, where the future lies. US-friendly like other software you can download photos directly from digital cameras to home computers for storing and sharing Web is a new standard in the market.

Producers in related areas such as the printing industry have adapted their products in sync with the image created by digital cameras. Mobile phone manufacturers with digital camera manufacturers do to get a new camera phones in recent years to develop age. These camera phones can send images and share photos via cell phone to take.

From 21 century digital developments are the expanded product ranges of manufacturers of digital cameras is sure to occupy an important place in the history of the next camera. For example, Kodak Professional DCS Pro SLR site c / a high-end Digital Camera Kodak DCS Pro SLR models the most calls feature-rich digital cameras on the market. High resolution sharp and detailed photos. This is only a foretaste of the features that digital technology into the hands of the user specified.

You can use our children.

There are a lot of them. Most stores have a large photo studio almost everyone has a shopping center as well. But how do you know that it give good results? The answer is that they can not. Trained to produce large quantities of low quality images, tends to Customer bleak. You are your child is just another number in line will receive instead of individuals to the special memories on film. Think about it. If you are creative, very clever to make the pictures, we will work to explore the mall? No, I do not think so.

Instead of using one of the mall or store-based service, why not talk to friends or other parents at school and see if you can recommend someone. The authors are very dependent on the market of mouth from satisfied customers in more business. You really can not beat a personal recommendation. In a conversation with someone who was impressed with the service, will help you feel more secure when you provide your money.

Not only in dollars. If you do not want to expose your children at all. You want to work with professionals who care. Think of it like a job interview, where you can find interview the candidate of the intention, the best solution for your family and personal needs. The photographer is someone you hire. Check out pictures of their collections to see if you like their style. Show your children to see them, how they work. Some people are great with kids and the bad with the camera, and most of them with the camera, but terrible with children. You want someone who stands in both areas.

If you do not want to learn the background image, ask the photographer if he come to your home to take pictures. You could take part in your own garden, if you are on a nice summer. Sometimes the lack of pictures in the studio or something, and many people including children are more relaxed in their homes. Images as close as the result. Great photographers of the children is very easy to adapt to work. No hurry to find all people. What exactly is your call.
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