Friday, November 4, 2011

Camera digital auto-focus system

All of today's digital cameras can not see that many of the owners, so we take issues like professional photographers images.
There is a function of the camera to shoot the day much easier. Before this function is created, you take only those who truly professional photographers images. This innovative technology is highly technical research, the final properties, in general, the digital camera. What features are you talking about? This is the auto focus system, sophisticated and regal. But the people are extremely happy with how it works really confused. Actually there are three types of camera operating system itself.

The first is relatively easy to place as an active remote sensing. This system measures the distance to the subject and focus the lens by the distance. This may be the release time and record the infrared beam will again be subject to reach the camera. Although easy to develop a system, there is actually a limit. This system can not work if the subject is too far from the camera to extend the infrared light beam as it moves a greater distance. It was therefore not reflected back to the infrared camera. This system works well only static macro photography.

Autofocus technology of the second and third classified passive detection

The second program with automatic focusing is achieved by sophisticated camera sensor. The sensor is actually a light sensor that detects light and darkness of the theme (that's the way they operate in automatic mode). With this function, sensor, advanced autofocus system that people can actually see the conflict in question. The camera will then focus the lens on the sensor detects the maximum contrast of the object from the requirement that the subject is in focus. (Imagine a blurring of the subject in focus and the subject matter of the contrast is not the center of much lower because the light scattered by the object).

The third is one of the most technologically advanced automatic fire alarm system and is currently only implemented in a DSLR. This is called a phase difference detection system. This system uses either a single image through the lens (TTL SIR) technology, where the light from the lens to be shared by the reflection of light waves for two separate AF sensor and a prism. Two lights were automatically detected by the focus on the processor and the beam phase differences detected causes the lens to be adjusted so that the two waves are analyzed in phase.

With such a sophisticated system designed to use the digital camera. And do not be surprised if we can use the result as a consequence of serious professional photographers shoot.
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