Sunday, October 30, 2011

The true meaning behind Halloween

With all the excitement of the holiday season and a new tradition, their way into modern culture, it may be difficult to remember the origins of holiday traditions and original meaning. All too often with Halloween costumes, candy connected, but in the early days, Halloween is a very important role in the whole of Scotland, Ireland and England. Unfortunately, from time to time, the traditions have been forgotten.

Halloween began as Samhain, in fact, the Celtic ceremony and celebrated ancestors. It also marked the end of the thriving winter solstice and collecting. According to tradition, this one night a year when the wind is free to wander the earth. Celtic source revealed that the family hid in their homes for fear of spirits, or to contact them.

Many of the symbols used today, such as jack-o-lantern comes the ceremony. Jack-o-lantern is of Irish folklore, Jack stingy, greedy alcoholic who tricked Satan into climbing a tree, then he took it with a simple cross carved into the trunk. The devil cursed Jack had to walk the earth forever.

Samhain celebration, followed celebrated at the All Hallows Eve, the first day. Anime again no longer free to roam the world will be thrown. Although many traditions were lost from time to time, the origin of Halloween and beliefs are to be performed at this stage to help celebrate with their modern icons.

True origins of Halloween and the meaning of symbols, forget the mark this day, even by historians. The true meaning of the festival has been about what Hollywood thinks it should be replaced so low. But modern Irish Celts, Samhain is still celebrated in a festive holiday prayer time secure access to relatives "of the sky. In addition, the story unfolds. True or not please vote.
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