Monday, October 31, 2011

Tips for Great Pictures

First advice: Know your subject
While steps to be clear, it seems that many people do not know to think before shooting. You must always specify that the item will be before you take them over. If not, you get the pictures of random things and situations and not always look so good. You should also try to create an image you found on the subject.

Sometimes pictures do not express what you see in the viewfinder. Suppose you take a picture of Billy playing in the yard. If the prints back, get ready to scan an image, you can still see, as Billy, but you also see the bumper of the car, half-and shrub species, trash cans and neighbors by breaking the gate. It's all part of knowing what your motive. Show the picture to not burden, to understand exactly what the picture should.

Tip two: the subject of attention

Now we have been the subject of an image, it's time to draw attention to the subject. The easiest way to do this is to fill the frame with the subject. These techniques unambiguous on the subject, this is the only one on the picture! The interesting thing is that this trick works with the camera at any time. Simply fill in the viewfinder and shoot. So remember to draw your attention to the subject every time you through the peephole. You can also ask: "Images must draw attention to my argument" And asked: "I saw something in a frame that can distract the viewer's eye to my subject?"

Tip three: Check your image

Now the first two stages were completed, it is the third time, and sometimes more effective than the edge. One wants to save the image, especially when it focuses on a topic. Before you take pictures through a viewfinder and look for objects that may interfere or may attract attention from the subject. This is especially true for objects at the edge of the frame can cause the eyes of the viewer from the subject. If you see something, get rid of it! This can be caused by moving objects accessible overview to be done. If they do not move, you move the camera! Create you get a different perspective and try different areas to a great shot. If two tricks do not work, then you can always try your subject.

Conclusions from the above description is not an obstacle of any kind film The emphasis here is on the object and try to take it easy. If we want to expand again, there are many programs to increase it. Including Photoshop. Here is a trick in Photoshop for photography in this blog.
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