Friday, October 21, 2011

Surprise - 70-300mm (Model No. DO) Canon much better than expected

Also on the lens world. If you use Canon lens, can produce good images. But want to do with the precious goal me know the results when you use it.

In fact, it might be the best kept secret among the photographers. You rarely hear people express the size of small lenses. The lens is too simple, everyday. But if you look away, you can see the delicate praise.

Perhaps the goal is not looking impressive, and the photographer getter "real" with attention to their expensive digital SLR cameras.

Maybe not everyone is so expensive that the $ 550

Whatever the reason, Canon 70-300mm worth seeing.

The picture quality is considered by many respected photographers up there with the lens L, the impressive test.

What you see is, is usually in blogs and forums simply an end in itself. Comments like: "I think it's a toy," said the first impression that many new users.

But instead of a lasting impression with the first goal. After shooting some photos, change their meaning. After all, sports lens (image stabilizer) and USM (Ultrasonic Motor), combined with excellent image quality mentioned. Those who minimize the use of a tripod to these two functions.

My favorite story of 70-300mm Canon comes a man who found the lens for sale. Pick it up, she thought she would buy for young families just starting out in photography. Seller knew nothing about the performance of the lens. It allows the photographer bought the lens.

Just to see if it still works, to accept his Canon 5D to take some photos. Was never her goal. Buyers are very impressed with the performance, said it was too good to lose a lens with others.

Ken Rockwell says the Canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM, "The first time I picked it up I thought it was a toy, -. But if I have a superb picture quality heavy weight, such as stuffed animals at great profit Saw "

Surprises are great when they are this way. You know the old saying, a lot of things right, including photo equipment, "not judge a book by its cover.".
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