Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Photography camera angles

Never use the camera ??... After standing or sitting ..... Do you know where to go, if you turn to something? Where you see the best position you must live in a certain situation? You get to know or shoot camera angles.

There are three camera angles in photography. This is a high angle (Birds Eye View), angle (eye) low-angle normal (eye worm). As you can see, the camera settings are used not only in photography. If you are in engineering and architecture, the term is very familiar.

The camera angle is discussed first image is an angle be. This is a camera angle where the camera was subjected to. This serves to reduce the subject. For humans, for example, causes the growth arrest. It is also used in the cover photograph landscape almost everything in the viewfinder.

Okay, let's start with the camera angle on par with normal still photography - normal angle. Angle on the basis of the position of the people in general to see things. This gives a natural feel, the theme. This camera angle is usually in photography, model photography, photo-documentation and photography, or things that people used. These are pictures of people we do not like to get them into a grin or indirectly. Although there are times when we change the angle, to give just a few variations and the arts.

Camera angle last picture I want to share is a low angle. Emphasizes high-power angle. Someone shot a shallow angle (corresponding to the face, of course) may indicate that he was proud of something. A small plant from a low height as possible can be released, also show some small stature itself.

Here again is the key to your needs according to what I continue to shoot upward. Better take on the corners still possible, if time permits. So that you can choose from different angles, if you are not sure what you need to take in one corner of the image will.
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