Saturday, October 22, 2011

Night photography tips and tricks

The camera is an instrument that looks like the family duty. But have you ever shoot at night. Difficult because it cahhaya not? ... There was no obstacle to the task of shooting at night.
Photography at night can be amazing results when done correctly, but is also the main obstacle for a beginner in photography. Rather than blame the equipment, we are looking to improve on our technology. In this paper we provide a number of settings for night shots.

Fireworks Photo

A typical image taken with the art of fireworks includes a black card holder with at full aperture. Manual exposure, shutter speed of 20-30 seconds (or use the bulb mode), from F11 to F16 aperture and ISO settings of 100 or 200 Stand with the ball on the DSLR, you can trigger remains open as long as necessary. If you use bulb mode, remote shutter release button is very useful to avoid camera shake (yes, it can happen even with a stable stand). If not using a remote control, you can also use a digital SLR camera, self-timer to 10 seconds to allow sufficient time to focus on the vibration at any time, if any, by pressing the shutter button is released.

Black paper is used to lock the lens during the interval of all, when the flare does not appear in the sky, so a long exposure is optimized for recording fireworks not to reveal too much of other parts of the scene. The second reason is that causes you not to register the smoke from fireworks. Be careful not to accidentally touch the lens, or it may cause some motion blur.

Timing is crucial

The most important tip I can give night photography is to get a good tripod. With a sturdy tripod, you can use the camera and the lens of the most basic and go to win by one shot. Armed with a tripod, the next thing to do to better places where you can use a tripod and waited an hour of twilight, when the amount of ambient light scout depends on the amount of artificial light. He creates images where the sky is dark blue fitted to compensate for artificial light in the scene. If you shoot low ISO settings like 100 now, the membrane in the range of F11-F16, the shutter speed down to a level where one can not keep the camera steady. That's why you need a tripod.

Useful tripod hospitalized patients, and therefore rarely enter photography a tripod when they move, shoot moving subjects.

If you shoot beautiful night landscape, on the use of flash forgotten when people have a few meters from the camera. , Flash, Flash is usually effective only a few meters. It can not illuminate the night scene of 800 meters. In addition, a film with a camera flash scene results rarely look natural night.

Shooting Light Trails

Through a small aperture (a large number like F16 F) to the stars influence of street lighting. Not just a small opening, which gives more depth of field (sharp objects from front to back), you can also bear more shutter speed, the long red lines are created by motorists crossing lights to get. Or a white line made by their lights. Mode is easiest to shoot aperture priority.

For this we need to understand that not dibatasai taken at a time.
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