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How to choose the lens, the sharper image

Yesterday, after the party, I would like some lenses are sold in stores. Wow .. This is good .. Should be seen ..... And the result .. It's amazing that I bought after trying to target. I do not give much of the law or regulations to put a picture or offer something, but I'll tell you now that if you super-sharp images you need to want to do something to get your choice of lenses.
I'll start with a clear piece of advice.
In other words, much more important than the camera lens. Yes, that's right, more important than the camera lens. The camera is only a slim light boxes on the lens.
This means that if you want to get sharp images, you have a goal that you can rely on to have to do that.
Well, if you want to choose your destination, you should consider several factors.
Will you choose a camera lens permanently attached to it? Do you want a lens or a lens through which you can choose to attach different lenses for the camera? - This is the interchangeable lenses. Are you going to vote a lens with fixed focal length, sometimes called the most important goal? Or select a zoom lens?
If you do not know what the meaning of that term, or fixed focal length lens with only one main focal length: 28 mm wide, 50 mm with a standard 100mm or more for lamb and so on.
The zoom lens is certainly very convenient that this package could have different focal lengths are a lens that can buy in the area, for example from 28mm to 200mm.
Now, before you go I will tell you that you a zoom lens that will help you look sharp images can.
However, there is but it is possible that the target is very expensive and quite heavy. There are some exceptions, but you must choose wisely. So, let's look to find some things that we think.
First, each lens has a maximum aperture.
So-called large aperture lenses have a lot of glass around the F2 maximum aperture. There are many reasons to prefer a lens with wide aperture;
They allow more light - it means you can get sharp pictures in low light levels.
It's much easier to focus with wide aperture lenses.
The operation of an automated system works best when you focus manually, can see clearly.
Large aperture objective allows more control over depth of field (DOF).
DOF is very small in a wide hole that could be of great importance for multiple images - portraits, for example, if you blur the background.
Therefore, it is better to choose the main purpose or zoom? We look first to the zoom lens. Zoom lenses are very comfortable. And they have some distinct advantages. In my view the most important advantages:
No need to change lenses as often.
This means that when the elephants are at your expense, and no need for another lens you have less dust on the sensor, if you choose your target feel much change.
Another advantage is that your photos in different ways from the same body frame.
This can be a big help, but sometimes I have a special accessory - it is called a leg. Often the best approach is to modify the composition is within walking distance. And there's another problem: the goal is the increase is more convenient and flexible, which may be the most difficult good-quality, large aperture objective do you get to afford it.
The zoom lens is a collection and is as popular with many writers kit lens cameras ideal for occasional use markets, but not sharp.
I'm sad that people have invested a lot of money, a camera that can buy, and then with less quality lenses.
So if you buy a zoom lens and want to make you look super-sharp images for a zoom lens with wide-angle zoom range is constant and moderate. Like many photographers I walk for my zoom lens - the lens can go to the mountains and fields, a nice walk and use different types of images. I usually use my full frame Canon 5D Mark 11, and that I have a Tamron 28-75mm zoom SP. This is a good target - especially if the price plays a role. However, if you are interested in images with high contrast, you should take a look at the first gate.
Prime lenses have a lot of things about her:
They are easier to light than a zoom lens to produce design.
The width of the hole is standard.
They tend to show distortion.
Now you can use the proverbial arm and a leg for large lenses and aperture government zoom lenses, where to pay the chances? First of all, every camera manufacturer is an objective criterion - that is the 50mm focal length. It's been a long time of good quality.
An example within 50 mm f1.8 Canon are often touted as the best value for money - but there is a downside, the building also is a good word cheap -.. The plastic as good as anywhere deprecated the emphasis rather minimal manual focus ring.
But the glass is at the highest level and the lens is very wide aperture full frame SLR lens used my large lamb crop sensor camera. And it can very easily take the whole day, when an accident occurs, it can be replaced with $ 100.00.
With a normal lens makes a disciplined approach can be used in different situations - especially if you are willing to use their legs.
Another way to make super-sharp idea is to choose a macro lens.
Special macro lens for photographing small objects or coins as a bug fix 1.01. But make super sharp lens for general purposes. I use the Tamron 90mm film of my days and now I'm not with Macro 100mm F2.8 Canon lens macro lens, the cheapest, but they offer excellent value for money and more flexibility A word of warning: .. Make sure the lens is actually a macro lens Companies. Some use the word loosely meaning mid-size macro or even close enough to the fire.
So let's just say, again, is more important than the camera lens. And if you choose, super strong image determines the master lens focal length or zoom lens with a zoom range of want glass, wide open, moderately stable and good.
Only one way - what if you buy a lens attached to a camera?
My personal opinion is that marketers tend instead to emphasize the camera lens. Furthermore, modern digital cameras from traditional camera makers like Canon and Nikon and the new kids in the neighborhood, such as Sony and Panasonic, which has produced a wealth of experience in electronics. Some manufacturers produce such as Sigma, Fuji cameras, high-quality specialty lens with large opening angle of the first high-end. There is another point of many new companies have joined, famous car came to Sony cameras with Zeiss, Leica and Panasonic Pentax lenses I have seen the sport from HP. It might help that this renowned manufacturer of lenses, poor lens not their names.
Also, read reviews and forget a little about megapixels and zoom and focus feedback on the quality of the lens. I want to check out the pages of the photographer Bob Atkins a few good suggestions for the quality of the lens.
Only until the end of my proposal, at this point: After selecting super-sharp lens, it is important to know how to use it.
Yes, you are using the correct lens can make a difference. And "my next chapter -" manual lens. "
Hello. I'm John Rocha. I am a British photographer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Most of my work now Royalty Free Rights Management.
I find stock photos on Alamy, photographer direct footprint
I also take photos with a creative edge to sell.
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