Sunday, October 23, 2011

For more tips on how to work in Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw - Removal Error

Open images in Camera Raw with the right mouse button on the image in Adobe Bridge and choose Open in Camera Raw. After the image is open, you find the desired location and then zoom in on the ground. You can do this by doing the zoom tool icon in the upper right corner of the window or by clicking the "+" sign to the lower right corner of the window. I prefer the zoom tool that not only did not, but also re-position the image in the window.

If the size that you can expand to make corrections, click the Edit icon to select tool. This tool is then like a small brush seventh icon from the left. If you selected the Retouch tool, while others will contain toolbar radius selection tool, and enter the drop-down menu on the left side menu and select Delete Layer All right.

Is selected with the number 1 radius, click on the stain. Two circles side by side, of the green and white striped one is composed of red and white stripes. Red and white circle on the spot should really cover bands. Doing so increases the value of the radius of the numbers 1-2

Alternatively, you can place the cursor on the circumference of a circle and then hit the left mouse button and drag, increasing the diameter of the circle. Diameter pulling up the stain is completely covered. Right next to the dashed white circle is red, green and white dotted circles. If you press and hold the green circle and white was the next area with a train-like properties to the stain area. After the release of the circuit to determine whether coverage is appropriate points. Otherwise, repeat the process to pull the green and white circle until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Repeat this process for any errors that you want. When you are finished, click "Done" or open the image in Photoshop and save it with the file name or size you need to edit the image in Photoshop, if necessary.
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