Saturday, October 22, 2011

Benefits of using a lens converter

Digital cameras seem to have a family. Are connected in addition, be better than a camera to mobile phones, digital cameras have functions that are innovative and exciting. To attract consumers, producers also receive pocket camera with an attractive ergonomic design.

New and experienced photographers are very lucky today, because there are a variety of accessories from select digital cameras. With useful accessories available on the market, have every opportunity to improve their photographic experience.

One day is the most common lens converter. This add-on lenses to increase the capacity of digital cameras. However, it should be clear that it is better suited for use with digital SLR cameras of compact type of shooting.

There are various types of transformers now focus, each with specific functions. The main one is wide angle, telephoto and fisheye lens.

Wide-angle lens converter helps to extend the camera field of view, what you can do in the integrated lens. You can use a larger area for a scene is about to acquire. Most underwater photographers use this type of lens, because it gives them to participate in a broader perspective, without allowing their position.

Tele-Converter, you can shoot sharp images at a distance and makes it look like you are shooting from close range. In short, it has the ability to perform the scenes look at more closely.

The third type is a fisheye lens converter. Picture rotation regardless of whether that person or a black scene on your photos with the environment or dark colors will cause the goal is reached. This is ideal for people who want to create different effects on their pictures.

The transformation is slow, is yet another accessory to your existing camera mounted or built. However, it must be correctly installed with an adapter on the front of the camera installed. The best step is the first goal of the first adapter to fit together in your digital camera to get.

After the adapter is very useful because, besides bayonet converter, you can use to connect the filter, accessories close to the lens, lens cap, and another. Occasionally, you can step up, step-down ring used to connect to you and other accessories for the camera.

If you use the converter lenses, the user must change the settings depending on the type of camera. Manual adjustment of exposure and attention is also needed at least converter lens will work well in automatic mode.

The only problem with blocking the lens with a converter that can cause the built-in camera flash, vignetting, or dark corners of the image. If you must use Flash, it is best to remove the target information.

So here, enjoy your photography hobby, get converter lens. It is very practical and useful for the performance of your camera moves forward and one with which you can create amazing effects in the images to improve.
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