Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tips for choosing the right digital camera lens

Now we have found that camera, you can do more experimenting with the images we take. Okay ...
Select the most important right lens when buying a digital camera. In essence, the goal as a fixed focal length, removable zoom, fixed zoom and interchangeable lenses are categorized.

Focal length is the cheapest and easiest to use. For those who have very limited budget, kids or students the real, fixed focal length lenses generally offer a wider viewing angle, perfect for group photos can be landscapes. High-quality images taken with this aim, but is not that great. Focal length lens can not focus on distant objects and can not accept, converters. Auto focus with macro mode is selected, or horizontally, is often a better choice.

Retractable zoom lens to extend every time to pull the camera when switched off. This type of lens is relatively inexpensive and takes decent pictures. Retractable zoom lens digital camera design and offers a very compact full protection of the lens. It offers a limited number of zoom zoom ranges from 2-3. Zoom does not support removable filters, or convert some of the early digital cameras to delay. You have to control even limited manual focus.

Zoom lens is s', filter ring flash units. These additional features allow an experienced photographer can take beautiful close-up photography, wide angle telephoto. Zoom lens allows magnification of up to 12x fixed. Fixed Zoom-Zoom offers advanced and precise control over the manual focus ring on the lens instead of buttons. This type of lens can be a little "tricky for beginners, perhaps a little" big will be comfortable.

Serious amateur or professional, is a digital camera with interchangeable lens SLR. It is a complete break with the camera and through a second gate. If you already have a degree of traditional film cameras, digital SLR cameras generally in line with the body. Digital SLR is the most versatile lens for all shooting situations. Another advantage is that if you want to update to your destination, you can do without buying a new camera.

Of course, the target can be very expensive. They can transport very heavy and cumbersome. If you are not very knowledgeable about camera lenses, the options can be confusing if you know your objectives of the traditional film camera, you may be confused with digital focal length. The learning curve is less steep, long, but the picture quality is worth it!
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