Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shooting Tips for the stalemate - condensation, hail and fog and Mist

So far as we have tips for the waves, water landscapes, waterfalls, reflection, abstract, splash 'n Spray Foam' n bubbles and a pool of water as a remedy for the flag image. But who can deliver photo op is even better! Here are additional fourth

A. - Condensation: - probably more often associated with man-made material - cool stuff in the middle of warm and moist - condensation is often overlooked as a source of moving images. So keep an eye on cold water pipes in hot surfaces. Alternatively, you can open the fridge in search of food in plastic containers with transparent lids. Is there any condensed water droplets under the lid? Remove the cover without disturbing drop (Tip: Leave the lid is located directly on press, not hard) and gently placed on a flat surface for the background. Imagine downloading the camera on the hood of a refinement.

Periodically check the local weather forecast on your laptop to special places in your area that are saving pictures in a good location offers:

B - Greetings: Salam are possible with these storms, the most innovative products in the control of the storm and is usually only 2 miles from the parent storm, in summer, afternoon and evening. Hail, making clouds are often by their green color and hail usually takes about 3-15 minutes identified. Hail can be less than the size of peas larger space 4 "Bird on a hole slightly smaller than a black construction paper, light shines through the hole and hail stones range. And pictures hail building a mental image or. Various types of stone, together with coins, etc. to compare measurements on a dark background or a picture after heavy falls, where it occurs, can damage this center ..

C - Mist: morning or at night, produce fog or groundfog "light artist" than a mass of water vapor condensation in cool near rivers, lakes, etc., or the gorge and the valley. It burns quickly, so you need to stay ahead, to arrive early. Looking for things to expand the nebula, at, or look through a hole that is comprehensive.

D - Fog: It can mean the difference between ordinary and extraordinary images. Foggy scene including the object in the foreground of the profile an interesting contrast. Remember that you usually increases the exposure of 1 / 2 to 3 / 4 of the stops to ensure that the images are too dark.

For more spontaneity Photography tips: Choose the project that interests you most. Follow tips for taking seriously. Re-shoot if you are not satisfied. Do this until you are satisfied. There are all the patience and passion. Eye abilities will improve with practice. Shooting especially at the beginning and end. Using a tripod as much as possible. Editing of results, without stopping. Pin a small sample on the wall for a few days before the final prints, wall art to study.

Photography Tips A- Point: If you have a cup of yogurt with a clear plastic lid on your fridge, have you sit straight up and tight on the tank pressure at the bottom. When removing the condensation of water droplets and a circular pattern on the underside of the lid, the lid and gently on a desk or table, without disturbing the droplets. You just shoot it and make the front part of the model.

Photo Tips B : As expected the storm to be cautious bird is. Find a safe place to shoot and shoot things fall bounce with a shutter speed slow shutter speed.

Photo Tip C - Mist: When weather forecasts predict the fog on the ground, have head area with the highest and lowest shoot as the sun rose to go.

Photo Tips Wednesday - Fog: If the weather is predicted, the fog, it's a nice place to go in his mind to shoot some things that you mist hanging, with a few leaves on the frame silhouette.

I hope, a new lesson for us.
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