Friday, September 9, 2011

Photography Tips : Create a silhouette image

Suppose to be a photographer. You can take the object with a camera ??....
More when I think about that a photographer I would like a test shot with my friends to see if I can do it, shoot started. So I asked two of my best friends Gina and Mike. I chose them because I have tried to show that pictures a little.

I took a red rose meant to make the sunset.
waiting for the right day, but you can get the sun behind the model will be a silhouette. I like how we are shaped solar lights out of her face and red roses. I think it shows how much they love each other.

I went to sea one day I saw six gulls on the table were arranged in a pretty picture. I'm obsessed, and that is why we are so perfect in a row, I was really excited, it was a joke. But the sun behind them, made them look like a shadow. I took a picture of six new members. It is not a joke, not brunch next week.

You can get also the gateway to this result. If you're in another room bright and dark to create a silhouette image, as well. So there is a secret, if the light source behind you, someone or something, if you have a silhouette photo.You can get this kind of image, with all kinds of cameras.
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