Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photography as digital or stay to go old school?

It is important to study photography. The problem is whether in school or just an attempt only. Technology and progress, many aspects of daily life, including photography changed. Remember, the only way the results of your photographic work, the film camera in full view, allowing the film to develop (or mail), then waited anxiously to see the pictures. Now, thanks to advances in photography, your photos can be displayed directly. But not only is it possible to locate the image if it is taken to see, but you can print pictures directly via e-mail, download or send your favorite websites and social networking. All through the digital photography and digital imaging.

Photo world has come a long way. How can this happen? What is the difference between photography and digital photography is old-school/traditional? How to keep "negative" to get the technology to "Mega"? And is it possible?

Just recently you can for a film to digital photography to go. Old school film, photography and photo chemicals that produce the final result of the image. Digital photography with digital images, where images are displayed instantly. The big advantage is that it produces less waste, since no chemical processing is used, and you can choose to each photo in hand, before they study the decision to print the image. Less waste is always great. Digital photography also allows you to download and save images to your PC. Images can also be achieved more quickly. Another advantage is that the images can be cut. Digital camera that offers many additional features such as video contrast immediately.

There are some drawbacks though. First you need to do some homework when buying a digital camera. The world of photography, the camera can be expensive. The study is important megapixels. The second disadvantage is the extra steps required to obtain photos, how to download and print the photos themselves. Sometimes it's needed more time. Overall, the benefits of digital photography far outweigh the disadvantages.
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