Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photo of the day in those days

Images can now be handled with a digital format. There is no doubt that the introduction of the technology, photography more acceptable to many people. Unlike the movie format, whereby only those who really want to know the basics of composition, open focal length of exposure and ISO film, photography to produce beauty. Currently, there are new terms such as plants, and many other terms saturize by digital photographers who read a lot to improve their images.

If you think about it, photography has come a long way. Before technological point and shoot digital SLR useful digital cameras, there was a time when the camera is a big name-size (literally) is. Are photography, art, painting with light, and the technology at the beginning of photography there is no such thing as a hole in a portable device called a camera. All this before the big as they come. Only later in the year in which proved the development of the dual-lens cameras, reflex rangefinder cameras, SLR camera, to be useful.

But if people want to see is the camera mode is indeed the beginning of the death of photography. Today there is a resurgence of the Lomo cameras, cheap cameras produced originally by the Soviet Union. Now, why someone go advanced digital photography should be on film? When Hansel Adams still alive today, would be upset by the inability of the photographers usually have a good day compared to before. According to fans of Tehran picture cameras, the film is an expression of who we are. Digital photography and manipulation of the night, it seems that the machines take over, not us. When Hansel Adams to actually record every single individual, a primary school, the shutter speed ISO film, digital photographers on the other side without thinking about the questions and shoot the program does the rest later.

Back to the original definition of photography, it seems that in reality are not the same. There is really only to draw with light? Or drawing simple with light, but with the software to paint? Currently, the machines take over our identity as human beings, even at the level of our creativity, skills that make us from other species of animals. Instead, the skills and talents we have as human beings, technology blurs the line between talent and talent.

So I personally think that film cameras will never die. Despite facing massive layoffs in the industry still have old blood new Pro underwater photography, which is to change the film will be. Photo art remains the longest, but with the way things go with the digital age, it may be possible that a person can create beautiful images without knowledge of photography superficial.
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