Sunday, September 4, 2011

If food stocks meeting

Special Christmas Day or commonly known by the people to celebrate. And the food, decorations dibutukan contain increased fan very lively atmosphere.
Make eat probably one of the difficult types of photography out there. Is considered difficult because there is a general admission pressure of time by most professional food photographers. And if they sell food primarily on how it looks in print, the photographer that the food will be trained and certified to a satisfactory result.

The food tastes Photography Tips

1st Know your camera well. And: "You must know all its features functions, especially the basic functions, such as focus / autofocus, exposure, image size, white balance and resolution, flash mode, knowing when to use this feature to highlight the best corners of the topic..

2 Getting to Know Your Machine know. Knowledge about the proper use of a tripod or stabilizer will help you to focus your subject better and also to avoid camera shake typically causes blurred.

3 mediation and distance. If space and time allows, the issue closely as possible. Recommended that the entire context of the subject to provide a satisfactory image to fill. The distance you get a complete picture of food ingredients textures.

Warning calculated 4.Carefully and Depth of Field (DOF). Use of depth of field can not create miracles shooting food. Carefully adjust the focus and depth of field, you can use all the tools to revive this topic. (Hint:. You have a larger and more open shallow DOF shots near or below one)

5 Enter the key material. Before you make an image, carefully examine the scene in search of something that can attract people's attention immediately. You can use the main components of food as an object of the subject.

6, all the light. As with all light photography, light is available and falls each photo. Because electricity is the main theme of taking the food to be better clarity and a soft light, taste the food better be. In digital cameras, dark lighting white balance function devices loose in an instant.

7th Consider the setting. It must take time to create a picture of your food. If there is an element disturbing the background, remove it. If you think something is missing in the group to think of something else to fill in empty spaces or holes. Make decorations, accessories and other materials that may be necessary to shoot you.
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