Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fun with food photography

Make us a picture of delicious steaks, tasty meat cold glass of grape juice. How are you? Hungry?

That is what a successful photographer can do nutrition policy. You can watch your hunger, and their images. It is not surprising when you do the same? Let us start the following tips:

-  lighting

The lighting is very important to food photography. You have the right lighting will be similar to a court to eat for the public to make calls. Therefore very important that you look at your image experiment with natural light as possible.

There will be times when to turn the light around him, you can not really illuminate the plate to be. If this happens, want you to consider a flash. So you need to control the intensity of the flash. Notice that you emphasize the essence of the dish and the audience you are hungry instead of disgusted, they all want illuminated plate.

In a presentation

Imagine a plate of broccoli sauce pork dishes scattered flooding. You are still to grind? You are probably wondering how chefs can show him to eat.

Take time to organize your tools. It should be attractive to someone really wants to eat. When to shoot you a hamburger, you need to advertise to the stuffed bread, which, like fast-food chains and visit you pay them is preserved.

When photographing the dishes, experiment with your photos without a spoon and fork it. How does it feel? Sometimes Cutlery not improve the image and another time.

- Targeted

Shallow depth to the dish holding the food to focus while blurring the background. Your viewers are aware of food automatically triggers the urge to eat.

But compact digital cameras on the market can not with the depth of field. Yes, you can create effects with editing software later. But the picture is more natural when you use to shoot a digital SLR camera.
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