Saturday, September 24, 2011

Camera and Lens?

Photography is our passion and therefore be happy if in this post we'll review this again on the camera lens ... Confused .... Fault lies with the questions above. Cameras and lenses is a device that can not be separated.
Everyone was asked, was once asked whether she in the photograph, the same question were interested. Where shall I my money? The camera or lens? Almost every photographer will tell you that you put the money into the lens. Why? Finally get better pictures. Now it's a bit "distorted. Lenses can cost a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The same goes for the camera. But when I tell you to buy a lens, the camera is so, the next issue of the lens.

There are many destinations that you can buy. They depend on the type of photography shoot. If you believe would enjoy wide angle, great. If you want to use images of animals from a distance, it is working well. If you just want to photograph it, then a standard zoom lens will be fine. There is also a tilt shift lens, government and more to come. But the people looking after the equipment you need to ask what I'm going to shoot. I often tell people to get the first standard zoom lens. Then expand. In general, companies need the best camera lens f/2.8 24-70 mm range. It will cost about $ 2000.

Most people ask me what they do not need to spend around $ 2000. This is my story takes a turn. Most people do not have much money to spend on a camera lens is much smaller. I do, but that's my job. Companies usually end package that includes higher lenses and cameras. DSLR can easily cost $ 500 to $ 50,000. If you're not a professional camera, so that the least expensive camera that will be enough, in these days that the quality is great. It will only continue to improve.

Now you wonder why everyone says that you buy a camera, so big and cheap. Why do they say something else? It comes to most people, this question does not have the money to pay the best lens. I put my commitment to the best camera to buy for you before you have a lot of money for the lens. You can still get more lenses later.

If you're a pro, this is the first questions. You can go a lot of money for high-quality lenses. In the end, you know better than glass, improved results of sharpness, depth of field units, less disability, better color, lighter, and so on.
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