Saturday, September 24, 2011

Best Macro lens photography for beginners

At some point, the picture is not the time when you feel all your pictures look like, be blunt and boring. If it happens to you do not see it as a sign that you need to shoot!

What happened to me in my career, and fortunately there are simple solutions to this problem. All you need is a new vision. Welcome to the world of macro photography. In this world, it is very intimate and close to your subject, which seems an extraordinary ordinary world. With macro photography, you can attract ordinary objects such as flowers, ants or even a grain of salt in one.

If you're just starting with the macro photography, I suggest you pictures of flowers. They seem quite nice, if you look closely. But you need a new vision of special lens photography: macro lens.

Macro lens is a lens that allows you to adjust the focus is very close to the scene and gives a ratio of 1.01. This means that the lens of this size project that much of an issue for camera sensors.

A macro lens will not be cheap. Most of them cost $ 700 dollars or more. If you are just starting out with macro photography, I would not recommend that so much garbage at first.

However, I found an excellent and affordable targets, which I recommend for beginners in photography macro. Tamron 60 mm f / 2 1.01 macro lens of light, contrast and allows you to make beautiful pictures if you are just starting the journey macro photography.

Tamron 60 mm f / 2, with fast opening, fast-equipped on the market. With the speed of opening, you can shoot macro images are very sharp portraits with beautiful backgrounds. Update Tamron lens elements to results that are very keen to provide for each user.

As users of this lens allows you to experiment and develop with you from time to time when you develop your macro. For those looking to get a macro lens to the first pitch, I recommend the lens.
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