Thursday, September 8, 2011

Basic digital photography - the old rules still apply

For most of us at an event where "informal" to shoot. We spend the time at least in our institution, the profession of shot, adjust lighting, and so on. But understanding how the digital photography requirements to some time "before the key can significantly improve the quality of the images that we do.

Digital cameras introduced two very qualities in our world. One is the ability to delete images and try again. Authors need to experiment and practice. Digital cameras allow us to do it cheaply. The second important feature is the ability to edit after the fact. The editing function is not limited and can not serve as a crutch get the shot right the first place much more efficient, high quality images are to be prepared.

Most of the traditional rules still apply for creating images with digital photography. What makes a good picture is the same. Good photography is making an important research area, but for a brief discussion of just a few tips that will immediately improve for beginners is true enough.

Avoid blurring the image, hold the camera steady. Of course, a tripod for this purpose is good, but not always useful or helpful. Without a tripod, you can see the camera properly, you can both hands to offer the best stability. The camera still close with the arms at the sides with your elbows on your chest or abdomen. You can prepare yourself to spread your legs or lean against walls, trees or other objects, if possible.

You have to not be afraid to create images. When working with people as subjects, it is easy to turn them a better picture. If you look at the LCD shows how the image is almost set. This is a better chance if the questions one step closer to the group if the cup when they move further away, or against them directly into the camera? You can manage and make changes at this time.

Another element of fire, is to use a clean background. If one person to clear the subject of the picture, you want all the "noise" in the area. Many business background and other objects can be removed the intended topic. Sometimes a little "and went back in to help, a better background.

Another common rule is to photograph the subject at eye level. In other words, point to come from above or from below. There are more details on its ability to find the expressions, emotions, personality, and so on. This does not mean that the subject must look directly at the camera again.

If the people shoot animals, wild animals is usually better to move in the near future. Close-ups may improve the results. In some cases, more of a step is not an option, but in this case, you can use the zoom to get closer to your subject. May be too close to 3 meters or less, this kind of sacrifice lead to blurred images. Special lens used close-ups.

Lighting is probably the most important factor in image quality in detail in a later article will be discussed. For now it is enough to say that half of the day often produces the best image. Critical light create shadows, and change the color you are trying to catch. Generally want the sun behind you, but you must make sure that your shadow is not a picture! If people shoot at you also believe that the sun makes them squint.
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