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Technical management of the image.

Ninety percent of all images are shot in color. This number is probably much higher now that digital photography has taken the lead. Who made the film for most of us can shoot in black and white, when we have our dark room. This is because the process as simple and inexpensive color processing. It was only logical that we are now shot in color. Why "Find color" that is, the value that is why we see color, but not specific to color pictures we shoot.

I touched on this in the topics that I am with the idea of ​​using colors on the topic. Red dramatic effect creates a series of stunning images. So why look for color? We tend, for the motifs, scenes look during the shooting and not to search specifically for bright objects. This dynamic is lacking in most of our pictures. We tend to memories, record events, topics of interest. Rarely have we really looking bright objects or light.

The color is what photography is. We see colors, and we want our memories are shot in color. However, he did not specifically look for things or colored threads. Try a little exercise. "Find travel magazine or book and some photos. Companies with colorful traditional dresses beautiful sunrise, the sky was clear blue green sea is dark everywhere. The beautiful colors that stand out and lead us to the image, and thus the magazine.

Psychological studies have shown that color affects us in many ways, our feelings. We use color on our emotions, anger, jealousy, love and fear to describe. This is an integral part of our lives, so why not our photography? Take your photo album or view some digital photos on your computer. Seven of them and everything was in color, and shot specifically because it touched or inspired you in a heap. Now to find the two batteries. Can you guess which has the most pictures? And how. It stacks with a small image.

The problem with photography is that we shot, to record events and memories. We do not have to shoot to capture feelings and emotions. Apparently taken a dramatic sunset, but generally do not we. Now it's time to change your perception when you take pictures. Even if you choose to shoot a family event or events. Starting to think about color before you take. What would that take into account the elements of the image. Not only do you need to change the position of the subject, the background color and composition, but consider also contained a scene.

Think color. Colors that are complementary or contrasting with each other. That you want to include. Often change the perspective or angle of the image color will improve. Aware of what is the theme of wearing clothes and then look complemented by a background color it. It should not be more careful in planning and executing your photos.

If you make some photos in life is to find colorful objects and colored on a black background. Or to look for people of color in the hole. For example, a yellow crocus bloom only through the land of gray in the gray areas of the boring environment to push. What is really needed is for the training of the color of your eyes. Need a unique person to find different or unique to the scene.

Photography is run by photographers who think and think about the world around him. How it fits together and why certain things are in relationship to each other. Our biggest problem is that we so are the colors of our environment that do not respect them used. These objects are not colored standards tend to attract our attention. Star-bus passengers not to attract attention, parked as much as a bright red fire truck outside a fire station. Rich orange and golden sunset immediately caught our attention because it is not the norm.

The way we perceive color? What is the best way? The answer is simple. We concentrate our focus on the colors we want to remember. Easier said than done. Here are some suggestions:

First. Fill the image with color only chose to shoot.

Includes most of the other colors, if not all. If you want to see the red, take red in the figure and as a consequence, not yellow, half red and half

Seconds. Note the edge of the frame.

Note that to interfere with the color of the scene. With this digital camera is easier when reviewing images on this site. If you need to do more on it. The final image reflects the point you are trying to do. All the dominant color tends to reflect the entire scene.

For example, the second yellow light, the image has a yellowish color. Do you understand how colors interact with each other. We call this color casts.

Tuesday. Look for colors that complement each other.

Work together and make you say wow! Most of us know the colors together. Color wheel on to give you an idea of ​​the colors together. Ever seen the statement "There is a sense of color in dresses"? Usually we identify the colors do not mix.

Quarter. Look for colors that capture the feeling of a scene or memory.

And it's difficult. "When viewing images in the future you will remember the feeling at the moment.

Four. Contrast colors with white or black.

This is the color of the floor and stood to be picked up. This is mainly white, portrait photography industry is reflected today. Families in colorful costumes against the pure white, like the image below.

The biggest obstacle is to find the lack of color through thoughtful planning. The old proverb says: "We can not see the forest for the trees at all." This also applies when searching by color. Seek to isolate the color, and then apply the rules of good composition. If you are looking for and we will try to images that you would be proud to produce.
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