Saturday, August 27, 2011

Expansion of color photography

It is quite unusual color. It can increase or decrease the tension in digital photography. It's really hard. But working with color, the photographer can help reduce stress or to dramatize the sense of the digital image. Fun colors can affect our senses to the point. If there is a lack or presence of a specific color we can some degree of emotional depth.

How we can add drama to your images with color? Well, first to the point, what he did on the senses to understand, as I mentioned only briefly. To understand the impact we have on the color of a digital image that we see, what do the colors have to think about. For example, the color that has a lot of yellow in it to think. Image with color as it reflects the energy, optimism and openness. The same goes for red, it is very light in color if color is the main theme. Red can have an effect, especially when compared contrasting color, which we discuss in a minute. Warm colors like yellow, orange, red, etc., has a strong image. In other words, it's pretty hard to ignore.

Now we see the opposite side of the scale, while cool colors are more closed. Calm emotional colors are blue, purple and green. These colors are usually a little less energetic, but do not think that they deceive less enthusiastic in bold red. Introverts tend to offer us a depth, visually, that warm colors.

So it's very good that you say but how you can create it all with vivid colors and a digital image? First, you can color your eyes with color map capabilities to tell you what colors work well together to improve what clashes. In "Digital Photography Success" My book explains the miracle of color and contribute to a dynamic effect that creates the colors, it can be. Take blue and yellow. Completely opposite but they work great. Here's a quick shot I took at Stradbroke Iceland (Queensland, Australia) last year. Pictures really shallow, but I had at the time, and I wanted to catch the interesting contrast between the blue and yellow on a natural background.

So let's look at exactly what colors work well together, so you can improve your digital photography.
You will see that here all the basic colors. What works really well is the other color. Take blue and yellow. You do not look at the wheel almost the opposite of sitting. In fact, visually compared. The colors have the opposite properties are working together very quickly, so we can not help but be fascinated by the contrast.

As well as advice from me, find the values ​​that are the opposite color you can find a lot of intelligence with the colors in digital photography.

Now, with portrait photography this is to change it. The "color" according to skin color. For example, I have blonde hair, white skin and green eyes that seem to "spring" be mine. This means that people with my pink skin color best earth tones, green, brown, etc. My partner looks blue eyes, dark hair and skin color has an average "winter." What to do with photography? Everything! When you shoot, they are trying to encourage something that fits their skin color to wear. Again, color plays an important role in the picture.
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