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Macro Photography

Macro Photography is one of the categories are an extension of an object. In other words, to minimize the world micro-world of photography.

The extension can be made with a camera with medekatkan obect or terentu even from a distance with a telephoto lens. And before the concept of "talking pictures" contain elements of automotive, POI balance.

Objects can create a macro are:

*  Object dead / silent

Such as: his / fork, jewelry, coins, stamps, flowers, miniature mobil2an, souvenirs, etc..

*  Iceland Life

Such as insects, butterflies, plants, flowers, etc. labA2

Macro Photography Tools:

* Camera Bag / Prosumer

With a camera in your pocket / prosumer long as we can capture the beauty of a rose, to suck the nectar from the flowers kupu2. With current digital technology we have the ability to do macro photography with the result that it is not as good as a professional camera. Almost all compact cameras / prosumer already offers a macro mode (usually marked with a colored icon image.) This allows us to take pictures with the camera the focal length of the object, until a few centimeters.

Currently, there are filters / add-on tools that can be installed in front of the lens pocket camera macro photography, such as the Raynox and other filters, in order to get more magnification.

* Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex), both analog or digital.

All SLRDSLR cameras now have the option of macro photography with a different lens, and is usually the distance between the center objectnya vary, depending on the type of lens that we use.

For specific types of macro lens working distance objectives can be up to 20 cm, but if we have a telephoto lens, the distance to the next, you can use the focus point is usually more than 1 meter away from the object.

Now, many tools more in the shape of the front filter, loop filter / Raynox lens and vice versa (objective changed), held in front of the lens, the distance between the object and the objective approach to an increase of more than 1: 1 and also converts a lamb and the extension tube inserted between ODI camera lens.

Distribution of macro photography with SLR / DSLR


    Through a special zoom-macro lens or the word "colored" (available for macro photography)
    With telephoto lens or telephoto converter lenses .. usually

For more information lensa2 following commonly used for macro photography:

Normal # Macro Lens: 50mm

Mid-tele-macro #: 90-105mm

Tele Macro #: 150-180mm


    Another lens installed on the head again with the lens with a special adapter.
    With additional filters, such as filters with a zoom lens.
    With a filter, like a magnifying glass symbol loop /, Raynox,
    Or even how to hook a magnifying glass on the lens add.

Some things to see, is when shooting macro:

    - Light (light source)

Divided into two parts:

# Natural light / daylight / sun / light is available

# Artificial light (studio flash lighting)

    - Depth of Field (DOF)

DOF (Depth of Field) macro photography would be a nice contrast of the image shows, if after the object that we collect.

It's like the distance between the focal point of the camera with the subject will DoFnya thin / narrow, we can adapt their opening diafraga control. Of course, do not produce sharp images in one eye only kupu2 segment, while the beauty of his wings the color of the blur.

(Can be typically between 5.6 to f/16) so if we want to get more DOF, but close the distance between the lens would objectnya, the membrane has a lower value set.

Factors that affect the DOF are:

        Length lens as the lens to thin DOF
        Focus range: The smaller the focal length of an object from the lens to build the thin DOF.
        Aperture: The larger the aperture (f/2.8), DOF to build lean.

So in conclusion, drawn DOF is a combination of three variables TSB.

Macro photography will be made on the DOF is very thin (the opposite of landscape photography).

 # AF

# Manual focus

Focus on the macro-photography is not difficult if we do not inanimate objects / quiet. But it would be very difficult if we could do it to move objects such as insects that are always on the run.

Despite all now equipped with an autofocus lens, but not everyone has the speed you expect to follow a moving object would be, so that manual focusing is not necessary in this case.

After a solid enough to get good drivers, then try to get a good car.


Create a composition to adjust the rules of the "thirds rule" is very difficult, because the object we always want to get pictures is very small, sometimes the goal is to fill the frame of the camera altogether.

Only with practice and training get a good car photographers creativity is very important in determining the composition between the foreground, background, supports object (POI, points of interest) with the right DOF.


 Pool #

Interior typically use additional lighting such as flash, ring flash, or even studio lighting.

Pool #

Outside the room we always use sunlight available lightingnya. Usually a good time for macro photography to 9:00 clock tomorrow morning or evening 3-5 Clock.

    Tripod or handheld

(Because we want to run pictures of insects), while the use of flash is not possible, then you get a good exposure of a small window (of width DOFnya more) and the shutter speed and the speed with which we are very much lower, use a tripod / monopod should not the image.

Used for more clarity when we are under the shutter speed / low / low 1/FL (focal length) lens, then you must use a tripod / tripod. For example, with 100 mm lens, so get the camera when the shutter speed 1 / 60, you should use a tripod / monopod, moments / object to grasp, will not be blurred.

Using a tripod is very useful for taking macro shots, especially when the weather / glare.

Monopod is more flexible, especially in a Macro insects.

    State of mind and patience

Memotet is like painting a blank canvas to be painted with light. Mood dikanvas photographer sets the current record by electronic means.

Macro photography requires patience, which is very high, in order to shoot Rose, let alone approved kupu2/lebah hummingbird is flowers.

Remember to be painted on contact with the object of the composition at the camera when you say it to get on his mood.

    Time opportunity

The time is not as difficult as we thought, we can learn to practice all the time and place of bugs (usually morning). Or if the right / better when the roses bloom.

Sometimes the element of luck is what the photographer brings objectnya.

But let us not forget that if we do not get good and interesting topic, it is not the next day.

By the macro button is used teerus and try as much as possible.

Here are some tips and tricks, macro photography of insects and flowers.

# See / read on the faces of objects:

In a macro, insect, photo, picture, production, wait a moment when the eyes of the insects stuck to the lens.

When photographing flowers, and be vigilant after the interests of the appearance of TSB. You should be the entire corner, or just a small part of the pistil and stamens.

Experiment with different directions anglenya.

# Clean Background:

Try semaksimalnya BG / background was clean / simple POInya support. To learn BG Black (other colors) can not fool with colored cloth BGnya.

# Avoid Wind:

Macro-photography, when the wind blows SIA2 is that we want to blur, it can be done also with the establishment of a fast shutter speed, but as far as possible, to prevent macro-photography, when the wind blows, then there objectnya fluctuations.

# Wait for the right moment:

At the time of insects to hunt / chase a particular macro, try to keep my mouth shut, so that everything can not be won insects TSB.

If we want to shoot the thing, we can not keep moving insects that will leave us.

When photographing insects, mounted the flowers, looking for the right position while sucking honey, or if he left the flower is a very good time to preserve.

# Hold your breath while you click the shutter on the camera.

This creates a triangle between the arms of elbow position recorded kedada forces us to take the camera along with a breathtaking moment when the shutter of the camera reduces the risk of camera shake and prevent blurred in the picture / press shake.

# Extra light;

Despite the extra light, are created, because the flash is not desirable, but if the flash diffuser or light absorbers to smooth the image and use it against Terlau objectnya difficult.

Avoid direct flash, or add flash diffuser, or use the technique to get the size of the rebound.

Hope can be useful for photography enthusiasts rekan2 friends. Congratulations.
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