Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Introduction to Infrared Photography

Images, the infrared light can be seen as the major source of exposure to conventional film cameras are a particularly sensitive at wavelengths of 700-1200 nanometers (nm), CA will be performed.

In addition, the camera lens digital camera equipment is usually equipped with filters with UV light to remove and close all or part of the visible spectrum.

The ability of the infrared radiation-sensitive photographic emulsions to detect resulting color combination, absorb a certain wavelength and transfer energy exposure to silver halide crystals.

Absorption of infrared radiation

A portion of the near-infrared and visible actinic therefore by infrared photography, the use of film and the camera is sensitive to common goals are identified.

Infrared digital photography courses

Red black and white photography can be used as a technique that uses a normal camera to sensitive to the infrared image of an emulsion to infrared radiation, a record low of white and black, from which positive copies can be obtained with conventional photographic materials focus can be defined.

Subjects who produced the image, or to reflect different amounts of infrared radiation on the incident, or luminescence emit infrared decrease when they are illuminated with wavelengths corresponding to energy.

The lighting can give is generally used for stock photography, or receive the infrared radiation into space when it comes to issues of transfer of skills or think comes. With people who are much better than electronic flash units.

Outside, the sun provides enough infrared radiation, but the intensity changes due to fog and clouds.

Sensitive to infrared light purple, blue and red, infrared emulsion. Therefore, the filter is in front of the camera (sometimes with a light source) to prevent visible light. This filter transmits infrared radiation or a term adopted from the subject, although they do not like visible light, ultraviolet.

Color. Red color photography began with the development of cinema designed for air cover. Since they have many applications of infrared photography, both on land and in the laboratory and other atmospheric applications found.

Kodak Ektachrome Infrared: This photo was taken with an infrared light-sensitive color film. Three layers of emulsion of the film is sensitive to green, red, but blue and green and red, like the current color film light. The camera uses a blue yellow filters that keep these color shifts.

Recorded during the processing of green-sensitive layer, a positive image of magenta and red sensitive yellow display a positive image, an infrared-sensitive cyan create a positive image.

A page can appear blue, but was removed from the images with a yellow filter. When the yellow layer sensitive image of a light green, magenta, cyan by, which together controlled blue. Many other colors can be generated from the ratio of reflected light, red, red, green or to the subject. So, for example, that the leaves of healthy plants was recorded in red, are "light" on, clear infrared pictures of individual production cyan, red dominates the other layers.

In digital photography, recorded color infrared, visible light components to identify in the infrared. So this film does not produce characteristic color photos of many animals grafting. But the infrared component, a change in color. For example. Red roses with healthy green leaves and yellow-red with a hint of change in leaf color is the base of the red color photography are important phenomena in the infrared studies.

Since the first digital photography with red black and white film is finished, do not appreciate the characteristics of the infrared reflection of the material. Foreseeable future, it seems that the color characteristic. Actinic infrared range between green and red, so there is potentially much "color" infrared. But to see the difference only if the color photography by photographic process is complicated, and infrared radiation converted into visible colors. Infrared color film allowing partial conversion to combine image-color infrared image elements of the visible light.<althaf..>
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