Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How tasteful nude photo

Photography is not possible to share the problems of art. Art shows. Also naked pictures to get a good picture of artistic value.
Artists were fascinated by the naked human body shape from the beginning of time. Nude sculpture and painting, especially since centuries. A relatively new art form of photography gives more opportunities for the creation of an artistic ............ act. But with the prevalence of pornography bad taste of glamor photography, it is important to avoid a little dirty.

If you are nude in the streets, want to make artistic taste, take out the mystery of sex is it. Try working as a model, sexy pictures begin to look unsightly. Trying to look sexy pictures work better in a dress - like everywhere in the world of advertising. But the look test, sexy nude models send a clear message to the audience that the purpose of photography is titilate. If you are looking for your picture to art, make sure that the model does not attempt to look sexy.

A simple way to keep you from finding nude photos "Glam" He has to stick to one model. Almost all shiny and glamorous image has a model of the camera. So he looked into the distance. Direct view "lost his head." Probably more artistic "melancholy."

If you're in the camera, see what it looks boring ... In addition to sexy! If you look at the European fashion, models like Kate Moss often frown on photography. Trying to tell stories to show emotions. Model of instinct can pout and try to look attractive ... Guide to the expression of the most interesting when he saw the camera, or just look waking trance, when she returned.

You can also create a framework so that the model is not in the picture. The body of the abstract and not man. Or head shot, but tilted so that his face is not visible. Without the face of clear images of shapes and lines of research.

Another important aspect is the lighting. "Page 3" The picture is always clear, with a bright background, which is not what you want. It is almost impossible to do something artistic with lots of light. All you need is an environment over which you have a shadow. So instead of submitting to the dominant light source side or even behind him. Creating a shadow. Give a little naked fantasy.

Only two things - Moody lighting and model - will soon see more art photography. The model that will appreciate it too!
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