Sunday, July 31, 2011

Five simple tips for photography

Sometimes you want to try to take good pictures. With simple tools - was not good, it would be difficult to achieve satisfactory results.

Photo five simple tips to improve your image. When taking pictures, there are some things you should keep in mind, so you can shoot better in different settings, lighting conditions.

The first is the polarization. This is a trick to warm the sound image to make it more aesthetically appealing prospect. It would not be as hard as when taken in full sun may work well for outdoor shots. The simplest method is to use the camera to "not clear" if it has one.

If your camera does not have, is a simple trick to wearing the glasses in front of the camera lens. Place the glasses as close as possible to the lens of the camera ensures that the window frame for the LCD is not near. This improves the color and tone of the blue sky of the rich is deepening.

The next tip is to use a fill flash mode. It's a simple trick to use built-in flash to create shadows, to compensate by sunlight on the subject. Simply by taking over the functions of the built-in flash can be guaranteed that is activated when you want and not when they decided it was time.

Using flash outdoors will be the first exposé of the background and then add enough flash to light up the face to erase the image. This is a trick to use a lot of wedding photographers. Once you have mastered it, you can try the so-called "edge lights" on. They simply go about the subject so that the sun illuminates the hair back or side position.

Another application is to place the subject in the shade and then with the flash. In this way, the issue is even more comfortable and to squint even in bright sunlight. Remember, most have built-waves only a range of up to 10 meters or less to ensure that they are not too long.

Next, the macro mode is used. Do you remember when you were little, and discover the wonderful world of insects and small creatures in meadows and ponds. The whole community, that you can never dreamed existed. Probably would not crawl on the floor again, but if you are the macro mode, or explore near the end of the world in detail, you will find several pictures you new and fresh, with everything you have before being photographed.

Even the simplest object macro aspects are very different, easy to do with digital cameras today. A flower can also be much more interesting when taken from the vicinity. Simply select the macro mode, usually a symbol of the access problem, and allows it to focus on, and then shot. Remember that you have carefully captured the depth of field to focus on the topic and keep the rest of the image are softened. This gives a great picture.

For unknown reasons, many people find it difficult to hold the camera when the LCD screen on their cameras. You can throw on the horizon as a result of the recorded images. Has a smaller LCD displays is not helping, or keep the camera in one hand. If you have this problem, there are several methods to try. Take several pictures, each slightly shifted. With a little luck there too. Another way to complete the processing of software. There are many programs that will eliminate the possibility of a trend in the distance. Another possibility is to use a tripod.

Finally, we must have the mind to think the image resolution. It makes no sense that a camera can be either 0 or 12 drafts to take it! Megapixels, and configure it so that only a fraction use it. Get the right size memory card so that you can use the camera to its full potential. If you already paid for under 12-megapixel camera you use.

You also need a camera to take high-quality compression. If you are not on the action you want in your vicinity, you may be able to get a good picture with a cutting tool reading software. The point is, of course, if you have enough memory, there is no reason to lower resolution and the risk of a poor surface of the image to use with lots of noise. Use the above settings at any time to show your work.

As good a picture looks bright and natural.
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