Thursday, June 2, 2011

Photo Description

Photography is the art of still or moving images with the radiation sensitive medium such as photographic film. Support proved to be useful to capture important moments in people's lives. Developments in computer and technology influenced the development of photography. From black and white, color picture made, and converts digital photography.
History of photography;
Images first word was invented in 1839 by Sir John Herschel. means "Phos" is a word derived from two Greek words light and draws a "graph" means. If you link the two words together mean "drawing". Eye camera is designed to introduce the idea to photograph. Then set the camera to produce black and white. Mid-1800, which makes ready-made color images. Lumiere brothers invented a process called color autochrome success. E "in the trade in 1907 to take advantage of the brothers Lumiere. Color photos digital photography to start arisen in the world. Photographers are encumbered in a position to work in remote areas. They also had competition in the TV industry. Sony Corporation has launched its first consumer camera in 1981. Over the years, and performs advanced digital camera with advanced features as a result of the secondary very manipulative.
Advantages of Photography:
Film making was very important in many areas. E-use professional film and entertainment industry. Although the program or printing process to use this medium to express the world in a critical condition. E "is also used to take place at home or in the studio. With the introduction of a green screen, now you can put the subject anywhere in the world. It is easy to visual effects to add an image with this method is based on the green screen background image of the object to another image. production of the film is useful for medical researchers and engineers in their profession. armed forces and the police have a photo of the data, the monitoring of the storage recognition.

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