Thursday, June 30, 2011

Digital Camera Photography Tips - Photography Poses Planning

For use with digital cameras now make it easier to take a good photo corners.
During my career as a photographer, I found a lot of amateurs to make the stupid mistakes when taking pictures of the group. It's all digital camera photography tips for those who take the picture, as will pictures of children or animals or other non-light photography sessions.

1 Prepare for example,
Program of the event. Think about what you want to catch, weigh every shot hit the her to think about who, where and how. To bring the general arrangement drawings in advance, on paper, if necessary. Not immediately, and the results will be better.

2 Take a few pictures on the scene
No matter how perfect the setting of this position is something went wrong. Not trust the people do not blink, just because you tell them not to. Take 5-6 pictures of each pose, so you have room for choice. With the memory card if you do not have enough space or download images to your computer.

3 Do not rely on third screen "
No, you can not see the problem on the LCD screen because there are simply too small to show details. Always use an image editing program to improve the image you just use the camera-screen images of the general framework confirms that all

4 "Say cheese!"
Natural smile looks much better than fake. You always have a few funny jokes from the group at the same time you take the shot.

5 Keep an eye on the mirror
If you plan to download a good picture of your browser to prevent any background reflective mirror or something because he was at the angle of the camera. At best, try to avoid the area altogether, because it can lead to unexpected results.

6 wide
In the case of large groups, with particular attention to the people left and right: you do not want to leave her. Usually try, "the end" so far come from the border of the frame as possible in case the image may be cut more.

This group of digital camera photography tips should be the official rules of art be considered, but expert advice coming photographers. ..<>by althaf.
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