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Coffee Origins - Indonesia

State of world's largest producer of coffee is Brazil. But have you ever heard of the Indonesian coffee? Of course, the importance and the pleasure of others. There is a sense of himself, very nice for those who already feel.
Coffee grown in many parts of the world. Each has a unique coffee origin to the climate, agricultural land and change. Indonesian coffee producing countries: Sumatra, Sulawesi, East Timor, Papua New Guinea and Java. Indonesia is the third largest coffee producing region in the world. However, this sector is only a small part of the processing of Arabica beans and are highly sought after.
Perhaps the most famous coffee of Sumatra in Indonesia. Coffee production in Sumatra since 1700 was hardly a difference between the regional coffee in different regions of Sumatra, so the coffee is sold as a summer coffee (of a certain herd), have been rare. It's usually wet processed coffee, fresh fruit pulp, which is washed out of the beans, dried, and rejected, then left. Sumatra coffee is roasted to medium to dark. Average show is dark, the good taste of the seeds when the dark roast is seen more often. This coffee has a rich flavor, full body with a wonderful scent spicy undertone. In a medium dark roast aroma, flavor come through from the peanuts.
Sulawesi beans as a colonial power with "celebrities" such as beans and Sumatra known. They have a record of low acidity and very simple. Sulawesi coffee is too expensive for your sweet comments. There are seeds of Sulawesi, which was kept as green beans for a long time and as "an era of Sulawesi." This regular coffee has a strong track record of these countries with muskiness below.
East Timor is a small island located between Australia and Sulawesi. Coffee production is the largest economy in East Timor as the country became independent in 1999. Many copies of this island is more comprehensive organic coffee with the wet method. The Indonesian coffee has a family of country, rich in flavor. Sweet spicy notes of cinnamon and a touch of acidity makes good coffee.
Papua New Guinea in the eastern part of Indonesia. Coffee from Papua New Guinea is different from the rest of Indonesia. "Coffee Bar" Often they are read. Sounds simple and Indonesia are generally less than a lot of coffee. Papua New Guinea coffee is processed with wet. There are also many coffee plantations in Papua New Guinea, and each has its own characteristics. Wire Coffee has undertones of fruit, low acidity and full body. Many coffee from Papua New Guinea are also organic.
Java is in Jakarta to the East. Government of Java effectively controlled about 80% of the coffee grown in East Java and the coffee heritage. This is a wet processed coffee. Java is often mixed with other coffee Mocha Java to do, and it does not brown like the name, but the region (Mocha) If you get other nuts. Java Bean has a clean taste Sumatra or Sulawesi. They have a lighter body and acidity, slightly more than Indonesia.
If you are not Indonesian coffee have tried to find a local roaster that one of the sources will not be disappointed offers!
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