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Face Detection Technology on Digital Cameras Works

We know that soon it will be his 21st April to Kartini day just so when the right time to male subject  to commemorate RA Kartini services.
Raden Adjeng  Kartini or called actually closer Raden Ayu Kartini, (in Jepara, Central Java, 21 April 1879 born - died in Rembang, Central Java, September 17, 1904 at the age of 25 years) was a prominent national hero of Java and Indonesia. Kartini is known as a pioneer in the development of local women.
Adjeng Raden Kartini is one of the Javanese aristocratic class, or noble, the daughter of Raden Mas Sosroningrat Duke Ario, the regent of Jepara. She is the daughter of his first wife, but not the managers of the woman. His mother is a master's degree Ngasirah, the daughter of Kyai Haji Haji Siti Aminah Nyai Madirono, a teacher of religion in Telukawur, Jepara.
Kartini's father, at first it was Wedana in Mayong. Requires colonial rule as regent while a married nobleman. Why not MA Ngasirah nobility [2], the father again Raden Adjeng Woerjan (Moerjam), a direct descendant of the king of Madura. After marriage, Kartini was appointed regent Jepara father, rather than the biological father of RA Woerjan, AAR Tjitrowikromo.
Kartini was the fifth son of 11 brothers and his step-father. Of all the brothers, was the older daughter Kartini. His grandfather, Prince Ario Tjondronegoro IV, became a regent at the age of 25 years. Kartini Sosrokartono brother is smart about the language. In 12 years, Kartini was going to school ELS (Halls Europese school). Click to learn among other Kartini Dutch. But after 12 years of age should remain at home because they can be isolated.
Because Kartini could speak Dutch, then at home, he began to study himself and his friends through letters and correspondence from the Netherlands. Rosa Abendanon is a lot of support. Books, newspapers and magazines in Europe, Kartini interested in promoting women to think European. to promote emerging desire for local women, because he saw that the local women have low social status.
Okay ... Despite the history, though not necessarily know us and save ... Kartini also face close to very close to our memory. Fig Kartini was recorded by the camera, which is very easy .. But remember kilasannya truly exceptional picture, so easy ...
Yes, amazing how the sound, this incredible technology does not work. Today, technology can really explained (in contrast to previous occasions against / Kartini was) be. Face Detection Technology, which is available from all major manufacturers uses such as Canon, Pentax, Fujifilm and Sony technically very special algorithms to judge the picture while the camera shows. What are you looking for? You may wonder if it is to find the shape of human faces. If your digital camera to the face buttons, the camera automatically adjusts focus and exposure to ensure that you are equipped with the best pictures from the camera.
You'll like that always know the progress made with this technology have been some manufacturers are able to actually create their cameras for ear nose and chin look to give a more complete picture, it can usually work up to 10 Under normal circumstances, the face scanned about 10 percent of the height of the LCD viewfinder, so one should not forget that this situation is important because the camera tries to focus on the face potential background is stopped.
Face recognition process about 104 seconds, but keep in mind that some manufacturers are better than others. Note also that you take the facial recognition technology in most of the top of the range digital camera images without people, although it not clear much some people this feature, the new report said at least 70% of all images taken with the person .
Facial recognition can also be used for greater attention. Several cameras record the position of faces identified each image. This check can enhance the images after the shooting, it is useful if you can see, for example, if all people want to open the eyes when shooting photos.
Not surprised to hear that a large sum of money that is invested consistently in this kind of technology, particularly in developing countries the algorithm. The next stage of this technology, a digital camera to the relevant issue remember that next time the issue seems to highlight the camera automatically tags the item and will be adjusted accordingly.
On the front of the animal, but unfortunately the technology is currently only focuses on the human face, but because the owners have pets they love, it is expected that this new addition to the digital future camera.
So the story may be similar in the past that has simply become too famous. Kartini old photos or pictures .. You can tag an object identification and easier to remember at all times.
As mentioned above, many high-profile producers such as the technology in their digital camera, so if you are considering to buy a new one, you should do your homework, do make a comprehensive comparison of the camera. If you have made your choice, enjoy!
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