Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo for each - When did it start?

Evolution of the camera from the beginning to now has been very fast. Gone are the days when the hours sitting quietly on a subject. Early in 1880 new gelatin dry plate discovered him and welcomed a new addition to the camera. Now it is necessary to a portable darkroom other vital equipment is gone.
This new plate is dried much more sensitive to light, that is, the image takes only a fraction of a second. Not only that now there is no need to cover and discover the lens to get the exposure. The trigger is responsible for the light is "based on how much light exposure is
As with a smile
It has a revolutionary effect on the stock, because people can now relax and smile. Think you of the old family photos where no one seems to smile? Not because they are not happy or unhappy. No, it's because they act like a statue of 30 seconds to get the exposure they deserved. Any movement at all lead in blurry photos.
Point Shoot Cameras
Camera Point and Shoot "was first invented in 1888 by George Eastman. Photography is not just a while ago, only for the rich. Kodak cameras have the option of up to one hundred images of the film was. And while there is a camera with fixed focus shutter lag is a new portable photo has the responsibility for popular to this day.
First 35 mm camera
made years later, in 1925 the first 35mm camera from a German company called Laika. New camera is a little easier. Not only the high-definition lenses and was the first to be a fire under the system user. It's basically a big impact on how photographers can capture the journey and life as it happens.
Images for each
Kodak did produce a further step towards a much cheaper version in 1930. Photo is now on the internet to normal people in the class and professional women. From the first days of discovery and invention, we now have access to a variety of cameras, in various forms.
Well .. With a wide range of digital cameras and other mobile phones such as ... Very easily you can immediately begin using the tools we have ..... Originally to try We must be brave to accept the soul of art, the things we look with our camera ... yuuuk then starts now ......... 

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